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What did IMC do about the Published Threats below?
Sep 27, 2012, 17:12

What did the IMC do about the following article? Is the IMC more concerned over ‘Okobo’ than the Lives of Journalists? As New Storm Gets away with Open Death Threat for Sylvia Blyden & David Tam Baryoh


By James Saa Momoh (A faceless pseudonym writing pro-SLPP pieces)

The situation is that people like Tam Bayoh and Sylvia Blyden never actually lost people in the almost eleven years of war that was fought. So all that they are concern about is an execution that was done some twenty years ago by a very popular regime then. Does Tam Bayoh and Sylvia Blyden actually know how much killings Bambay Kamara and others did? We can understand that whilst this government is distancing itself from that reckless venture, it is unwittingly using those pen and microphone mercenaries to foment trouble in this land. What perhaps those pen mercenaries and their pay masters must understand is that every situation will always produce its own leader. They are triggering trouble and there can be no hiding place should it comes to that.
Every one of them must be made to embrace that dark hour and (mis)fortune they are yearning for. So the earlier Sylvia Blyden and others understand that there can be no hiding place for them and that no amount of bogus security guards can save them once the dark cloud breaks, the better it will be for them.


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