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Pujehun Rejects Maada Bio’s Tribal & Regional Hate Message
By Our Elections Team
Oct 18, 2012, 17:18

Since the start of this year, the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio has been preaching hate messages to the people of the South and East in a bid to get them to vote for him on tribal and regional basis rather than on the issues concerning the nation as a whole.


If Mr. Maada Bio is not inciting sedition with false allegations press releases about the ruling party sending arms and ex-combatants to cause violence in those areas, he will be telling the people of those areas that the ruling party hates them so much that no matter how much education they gain, they will never be employed. He has also been inciting disaffection against the traditional rulers of those regions who have not been enthused by his divisive messages.


Yesterday October 17th 2012 was the start of Maada Bio’s campaign launch as allocated by the National Electoral Commission. Propaganda newspapers of Bio had screaming headlines about how the South and East was his area where he was hopeful of at least 85% of the votes.

A screaming Global Times headline in which report Maada Bio boasts that Pujehun & South East are his “areas”


Well, Mr. Bio his party’s National Chairman and Leader, Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin (JOB) and their entourage yesterday Wednesday 17th October 2012 drove out of Pujehun district with their heads bowed low and their tails figuratively tucked between their legs in shame after unsuccessful meetings held in that district by them which many residents boycotted.


As monitored by this media’s elections team, the SLPP Presidential Candidate and his entourage had left Freetown on Tuesday 16th October 2012 and drove all the way to Pujehun district, making brief stops on road side towns including Potoru, Bandajuma Sowa and Bumpeh Pere, among other towns before finally reaching Pujehun town to pass the night.


Next day of Wednesday 17th October, Maada Bio and his entourage drove to the DEC Primary School Field where he was expecting to launch his party’s campaign committee and address what was touted to be mammoth crowd of supporters that the SLPP have been claiming to have in the district.


Shamefully, only a minute section of the DEC field was occupied with less than 200 SLPP supporters including those who were part of the convoy that escorted Maada Bio & Benjamin from Freetown and Bo to Pujehun.


What seemed to have been a widespread agreement by residents of Pujehun to boycott SLPP presidential candidate’s visit, came as a shock and disappointment to Maada Bio and his entourage who appeared bewildered.


The visibly shaken Mr. Maada Bio managed to use fifteen minutes of the ceremony to deliver a call for him to be voted in because he said “President Koroma is a failure that has failed to deliver to the peoples of Sierra Leone what he promised them in his 2007 elections campaign”.


Speaking in Mende and English, Maada Bio promised them that if he wins, he will “develop” the country. He also said he will reduce cost of education, school fees & health care.


At end of his speech, the entourage left Pujehun heading for Moyamba where SLPP is scheduled to campaign today. They spent the night in Bo.


Our elections media team will be monitoring the SLPP again today in Moyamba district and we will report truthfully on SLPP’s campaign there.

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