From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

SLPP rallies with 138 Adults & 14 Children in Kabala
By Desmond Crowther
Nov 2, 2012, 17:08

It was a sad and melancholy day for the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) yesterday November 1st 2012, when their assigned day to campaign inside Koinadugu district saw only a paltry turn-out of supporters along the streets of the district headquarters town of Kabala.


Had it not been for the presence of one of the parliamentary candidates, Mr. Nabie Conteh, who assembled some people to rally, the day would have passed by without much notice that it was the day for SLPP in Kabala.


This correspondent counted a grand total of 138 adults (including Mr. Nabie Conteh) and 14 children under the age of 18 years in the street rally which SLPP did as a show of strength. Starting from the SLPP offices to the Kabala Central Roundabout, the 138 adults and 14 children were singing songs of victory in order to courage each other and raise their hopes.


It is a fact that the ruling APC is currently firmly in control of the hearts and minds of the residents of Kabala town ever since the partys hierarchy personally intervened to make peace amongst those who lost the partys symbol. Erstwhile APC Local Council District Chairman Peter Bayuku Conteh (aka Abangba Jazz) has been pacified through the intervention of the President and has thrown all his weight behind the man who won the APC symbol. Similarly, Jogo Barrie and other losers for the APC symbol in that constituency encompassing Kabala town, have all thrown their full weights behind the winner and are actively campaigning in unison for the APC.


As a result of the above unity within APC, the SLPP is trying to be put on a brave face however they will have to work really hard to make any significant impact inside the main Kabala township.


Speaking to Awareness Times earlier before the failed rally, Nabie Conteh had expressed high hopes that he would clinch the seat. He said size of crowds in rallies do not matter and he had already done his homework and won over the hearts of the youths for both himself and SLPP presidential candidate Julius Bio.

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