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Sierra Leone Opposition Operatives Plotting for Post-Elections Violence using Texas University Computers
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Nov 20, 2012, 17:20

Those of us who have carefully studied the origins and processes of the country’s bitter civil war, know that the man indicted at The Hague and demonised to the world as being responsible for the terrible things in Sierra Leone, is just a scapegoat. He is a tool that was used by a tiny, tiny clique of power-hungry persons who believe only they are destined to rule this land called Sierra Leone.


This clique of people has a dangerous mentality and an even more abysmal mindset (PA.O.PA). They do NOT represent the majority of the peace-loving people of the South-East but they are always preaching and promoting tribal and regional HATE sentiments in order to whip up emotions. The reason is because they desire to have a ready fodder of youths whose lives should be sacrificed as pawns on the battlefield.


In the name of fighting for this clique disguised as ‘freedom fighters’ or ‘what-have-you’, the lives of these youths get to be destroyed whilst the perpetrator’s children go overseas and become well educated.


The poor sacrificial lambs are turned into either RUF rebels or KAMAJORS and end up without a future whilst those who used them for power, get their children well educated to become lawyers and doctors who will fly back home to misuse and abuse these former RUF and KAMAJOR fighters like is happening right now with a throng of Diaspora-based SLPP members inciting problems.


Right now, the strategy of whipping up tribal emotions and regional sentiments have been perfected for another round of madness by this clique. It commenced effectively last year, built up into a wave by February when Julius Maada Bio issued the infamous seditious PRESS RELEASE about ex-combatants and weapons taken to South-East. The tribal wave turned into a roar during the campaigns when Bio took to the podiums all over the South and East preaching RAW TRIBAL sentiments and delivering HATE SPEECHES.


The end effect is simple. They want to repeat the cycles they are now well known for. The sacrificing of the futures of the youths of the South and East in the name of POWER for that small clique. When they get the power, they trample on the youths they used to get the power. In the case of the RUF, they pretend as if they knew nothing of the creations of that rebel movement and in the case of the KAMAJORS, they look the other way as the Kamajor leaders are taken to the Special Court!


The email correspondence below speaks for itself. It is being reproduced verbatim. It clearly indicates what the SLPP is brewing up right now. It is of the exchanges discussed last evening of November 19th 2012, on their top secret BBI discussion group hosted by Dr. P.K. Muana on TAMU listserv in Texas A&M University.


Basically, as can be clearly seen, this Texas University’s Listserv in America is being used to plot and plan TERRORISM actions against the freedom loving people of Sierra Leone.


Last night, Awareness Times phoned up Dr. Moiwo on the listed number in China and we recorded our conversation with him. He is now begging for his email contents not to be released but I think it is important for the whole world to read and understand what we are up against.


DON’T ASK ME HOW I GOT THE SECRET SLPP DISCUSSIONS. Just thank the Almighty that their plots and plans have leaked!!!




Moiwo Paul is sitting in the safety of his office in China as he proposes to launch another RUF NDORGBORWUSU HINDO-HINDO war in the same way they did the last time.


Read these emails from Moiwo Juana Paul, Patrick Robin and Marcus Margai. These SLPP agents are prepared to cause mayhem because they want power at all costs and are even ready to re-shed the blood of innocent people in acts of violence because they want power - PA.O.PA!!!


Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 08:22:14 -0800

From: stejansie@YAHOO.COM

Subject: Re: Press Release and a Dossier of Elections Malpractices in Sierra Leone



Ladies and Gentlemen,


Please find attached above our Party’s latest Press Statement on elections malpractices in the just concluded national elections in Sierra Leone, for your information and wider dissemination.


Thanks for your usual cooperation and understanding.

Warm regards.


Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie

National Secretary-General




From: Margai Marcus Margai


Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 1:59 AM

Subject: Re: Press Release and a Dossier of Elections Malpractices in Sierra Leone


My concern is, we have complain a lot, who are we complaining to? NEC and the security officials have all connived with APC to disenfranchise our people, rigged the elections and forced us into becoming mere spectators and voiceless class of complainers in our own country. We have failed to act like a true and natural citizens of Sierra Leone, we are acting like mere strangers or second class citizens of Sierra Leone. We are not acting out of fear, but we are sending miss signals to the people of Sierra Leone and the criminal APC party. I am not advocating for violence here, but if that’s the only message APC can understand, then why can’t we man up in defense of our natural and constitutional rights?. If we lost this legitimate battle so worth fighting for, APC will turn Sierra Leone into another one party state and they will be in power for half a century, until another revolution comes into play. Take Ivory Coast case as an example, if they had relied only on diplomatic resolution and mere complaints, the opposition would have lost that battle. That been said, I am so disappointed in the Sierra Leonean people,(the suffering masses, people that we have been fighting for, people that we have sacrificed for, people that we thought deserved a better life, people whose children are on street corners fighting each other for dirty edibles, the non school goers). This elections teaches us a lesson and maybe unearthed the principal reason why Sierra Leone continue to be amongst the least underdeveloped country in the world. Tribalism, shortsightedness and immediate cheap benefits have taken the center stage. We have a long way to go.

Marcus Margai




From: Dr. Moiwo Juana Paul


Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 3:39 PM

Subject: Re: Press Release and a Dossier of Elections Malpractices in Sierra Leone


It’s no more time to be shy of this thing about using violent means to achieve our goals. We must now be circulating violent strategies and get the people make up their minds for such. If for any reason we do not use it and we are still able to get our victory, then fine for all!


Dr. Moiwo J. Paul (Hydrologist)

Institute of Geographical Sciences & Natural Resources Research (IGSNR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), 11 Datun Road, Beijing, P. R. China. Tel: +86-15210427088.




FROM: Patrick Robin


SENT: Monday, 19 November 2012, 23:57

Re: Press Release and a Dossier of Elections Malpractices in Sierra Leone


Right on point with that. We need to act now   !!!!

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