From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Proving Frank Kargbo’s Statement
By Awareness Times
Nov 26, 2012, 12:06

Hon. Franklyn Bai Kargbo, the Deputy Secretary General of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) who doubles as Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, in a recent Personal Press Statement, had revealed of how pro-opposition operatives who were seemingly stranded in Freetown from Kenema, had surreptitiously been allowed to vote at Freetown Polling Stations.


The news therefore, from Dr. Christiana Thorpe last Friday at her announcement of the Presidential results, that some polling stations in Freetown were guilty of over-voting, can only lend credence to the words of Hon. Frank Kargbo that opposition supporters from outside of Freetown voted illegally inside Freetown.


It can be recalled that hundreds of SLPP supporters were transported from Bo, Moyamba and Kenema to beef up the numerical strength of the final SLPP rally in Freetown. Sadly, many of them were then left stranded in Freetown unable to go back. They were seen at various Freetown polling stations fighting to vote with Kenema, Bo and Moyamba Voter ID cards.


Without a doubt, Hon. Kargbo was quite correct that opposition operatives from the provinces, stormed Freetown polling stations. They are most likely the ones who over-voted at the few polling stations cancelled in Freetown.

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