From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

SLPP & APC Youths Hail Speech
By Edward Tommy
Dec 19, 2012, 17:10

Politically non-aligned youths as well as youths supporting both opposition and ruling party of Sierra Leone have hailed President Ernest Bai Koroma for what they consider as “good news” from him for the youths of Sierra Leone in a recent speech he delivered.


“I therefore pledge the greatest attention of my second term to the youth,” these were the exact words of the President in his maiden speech during the state opening of the First Session of the Fourth Parliament of the Republic of Sierra Leone on Friday, 14th December, 2012 at the well of Parliament.


Speaking to the Awareness Times, the President of the National Youth Coalition (NYC), Ishmael Al-Sankoh Conteh had this to say: “The President did not make any mistake when he made that statement. I think it is a step in the right direction as he already knows the problem of the youths. I want to assure the President that the youths of this country are ready to work with him to achieve the Agenda for Prosperity. I believe this positive pronouncement by the President will also open more windows of opportunity for the youths.”


Freetown Youths used their clothes to lovingly clean the President’s portrait at Cotton Tree when Results were announced.


Also speaking to this press another youth activist and former Parliamentary candidate for the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party, John Tucker said, “I think that was a brilliant speech by the President. In the whole world politics is directed to young people who are dynamic. I have no doubt that the youth will this time round move the President’s Agenda for Prosperity.”


Pateh Bah is a dynamic youth activist and President of Friends of Ernest Bai Koroma-Soja Tong. He also had this to say: “The President has done us proud and as youths/youth activists, we are happy to hear such good news. We will do our own bits to ensure that the President achieves his goal at the end of his second term in office as he has demonstrated to the whole world that he is set to turn Sierra Leone into a prosperous nation by concentrating on the youth who form the chunk of the country’s population.”


Awareness Times also gauged the opinions of other youths within the central business district of Freetown who also expressed similar sentiments.


According to Ibrahim Komkandah, one of the leaders of a youth-based, Freetown business grouping known as Sweissy Jewelers, the speech is highly welcomed by all well-meaning youths.


“It should be embraced by all as it is aimed at putting the youths in the center of development,” he said.


One Mariatu Fofanah, a young trader at Rawdon Street said the President is worth commending for coming out boldly in support of the youths. The youths, she went on, should in turn take advantage of the president’s speech as it has never happened in Sierra Leone for a President to come out so boldly dedicating a whole term in office to the youths.


“It is a manifestation that the President is ready to massively involve the youth in national development,” Mariatu concluded.


“President Koroma is father of the youth; father who wants the best for his kids,” stated one Fatu Dumbuya, a young trader at Victoria Park.

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