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Kono, Kono, Kono Leaders! Ye Kono Leaders of Sierra Leone!
Dec 24, 2012, 12:12

Mohamed Bangura, leader of United Democratic Movement (UDM) has been reportedly vindicated by PPRC of malfeasance allegations levied by members of his UDM party against him.

Immediately he was vindicated, Bangura did not make a song and dance of victory in the media but rather, opened dialogue with his UDM detractors as to how to reconcile & move UDM forward.
This reaction by Mohamed Bangura is in contrast to leadership of Charles Margai, PMDC leader who by now would have signed expulsion letters for those who falsely reported him to PPRC.
Mohamed Bangura chose to follow the leadership style of APC leader Ernest Koroma who always chooses dialogue and reconciliation with his party members no matter what transpires.
We now wish to use this article to appeal to political & traditional leaders of Kono to emulate leadership style of Ernest Koroma as its best way forward. When a strike, purported to be peaceful, suddenly goes riotous without any provocation and thereby resorts to the kind of damage, arson and looting of extent visited on OCTEA and the Police, it leaves one wondering whether workers strike was not just a smoke screen for ongoing political supremacy battle in Kono.
The disaster which resulted in deaths of two young men last week in Kono was not simply borne of a workers strike. No! There are political undertones. It was more a mind battle between Kono leaders who now find it totally impossible to reconcile and move Kono forward as a united entity.
Kono people, just like UDM, need Ernest Koroma style of leadership; not Charles Margai style.
We hope Kono leaders get to read this piece. May the souls of our killed brothers rest in perfect peace.
As a final point, Governments information service should say something official on the Kono saga and Government should set up an independent inquest into the shooting deaths.

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