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Awoko’s Kelvin Lewis & Sex Mate Journalism in Sierra Leone
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Dec 24, 2012, 12:16

Kelvin Lewis of Awoko newspaper who doubles as Chairman of a so-called Editors Guild which has wasted millions of donor funds in unproductive journalism enterprises, recently penned down what he called an Open Letter to the President. He spoke of national moral fabric coming under threat. Like I told him back then, Kelvin Lewis had no moral standing to write such a letter because Lewis is deeply embedded in the gutters with editors like Jonathan Leigh whom he is chairing and cheering.


Last Friday December 21st 2012, as the hopeless and useless Independent Media Commission (IMC), once again looked the other way, Kelvin Lewis’ Editor Guild’s Jonathan Leigh was publishing despicable, sexually-explicit deranged lies about President’s brother in which he featured my name. Sad reality is that IMC is really just a white elephant which the opposition hijacked prior to the elections.


Anyway, if Kelvin Lewis’ mother raised him up in a home where they applaud writings referring to decent women as sex mates in public, some of us find that brand of journalism to be despicable! Kelvin Lewis who, as chair of editors guild, applauds gutter materials and collects donor funds to promote guttersnipes like Jonathan Leigh is deeply in the stench of the gutters - no matter his denials.


I really do not blame Kelvin Lewis or his ilk for having presided over the destruction of journalism in this country. I blame those who had powers to have straightened out the mess but never did. Some drastic and bitter medicine should have been applied long ago! I trust 2013 will be the year Sierra Leone will finally be saved from the kind of journalism which Kelvin applauds and publicly thanks Jonathan for.

Finally, just for the record, my friendship with Sylvanus Koroma is platonic. He remains a brother.

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