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Dr. Kadi Sesay's Quotable Lamentations in Kenema, Sierra Leone
By Awareness Times
Jan 4, 2013, 17:15

"Udat go believe say one seat sef we nor win na Western Area? Aye bo! Fowl Coop sef we nor win???"

The above were the words of Dr. Kadi Sesay as she was busy blasting last week in Kenema about their SLPP party's dismal and shameful electoral performance despite all the fake newspaper polls.


The SLPP was so rejected by the sober-minded people of Freetown that they could not be said to have won even inside a chicken nest (fowl coop) in Freetown let alone win a councillor seat talk less of a parliamentary seat in Freetown. It can be recalled that in Freetown, citizens are known to always follow political leaders based on the strength of the leader's character. In Freetown, people vote on issues and not on tribe.


President Koroma won a landslide victory of almost 72% of votes in Freetown Urban areas and almost 75% of votes in Freetown Rural areas. No President in the entire history of this country has enjoyed the popularity which President Koroma currently enjoys in Freetown. In 2002, at the height of former president Tejan Kabbahs popularity in the country, he scored only 59% of votes in Freetown.

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