From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Uncle IB, Cold you heart now Sir
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (leaving Journalism for Politics)
Jan 11, 2013, 17:12

There have been times in the recent past when my heart was sad and despondent. One was the day the IMC took the illegal decision to “ban” my newspaper. I arrived from London that same day to meet the ridiculous news. That whole day until even the next morning, my uncle, the Information Minister Alhaji I.B. Kargbo’s phone was switched off as he rendered himself incommunicado. I am not sure if his boss, the Head of State had tried to reach him but I know I was disappointed that I could not reach him that day as he was my dear uncle.


Another incident which made me upset with my Uncle IB was the day his newspaper, the great NEW CITIZEN published a letter written by that idiot Kelvin Lewis of AWOKO newspaper. I was so furious that my own uncle IB’s newspaper had deigned to publish such a nasty letter written by that idiot to the President. I do not know what the President felt of such betrayal but I was unhappy with my Uncle IB on that day.


In life, you meet up with these acts of betrayals which get you sad or furious and force you to count from one to ten. With time, the anger dissipates and you move on. Clearly my dear uncle, IB Kargbo is having one such moment right now; if we go by the media war he is waging to the extent of casting aspersions on State House as his paper’s lead story yesterday.

All I want to say to my dear uncle is to ask him to please cool down. That is life. Up today and down tomorrow. Afterall, you serve in Cabinet at the behest of the elected President. If you switch off your phones at times you are needed to hold discussions with or you deign to publish offensive letters and no one got mad with you, why are you getting all upset so?


Please my uncle, cold you heart now. You remember when you were jumping all over the place saying THANKS to Aljazeera for lying upon this country that it takes several weeks to register a business even when you bribe? Uncle, we have long since forgotten about that blunder of yours and our hearts are now cold. Please, uncle, you sef cold you heart now Sir. See one article on Page 14 today sir. There will be much more like these Sir if your hired media boys who used to collect weekend packets from you, continue to attack others in your name. Look at Umaru Fofana making a fool of himself. Look at Sorie Fofana writing like a clown. Uncle IB, this media war is not worth it; Cold you heart now sir. We yone heart done cold long since.

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