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Sylvia Blyden has not yet joined APC in Sierra Leone
By Sylvia Blyden (A Rebuttal)
Jan 25, 2013, 17:15

Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me when I see how much energy SLPP journalists put into creating totally false news about Sylvia Blyden. These guys are really upset over losing the support their party used to enjoy from my pen. If they do not make up long ridiculous titles supposedly being name of a new job at State House, they will write outright lies of how I have joined APC secretly. Blatant rubbish with my name headlining the front page of the latest edition of Sorie Fofanaís paper.


These guys have so much ENERGY to sit down and craftily make up lies, it is amazing but I also admit, that it is rather flattering! Will the rather prominent Sylvia Blyden hide to join the great APC(Live Forever!), my grandfatherís party?


SLPP journalists really need to calm down. Indeed, I will soon enter politics under the APC but I have NOT yet joined APC; either officially or unofficially.


I know how panicked some are now but¬† as I repeatedly say, all my political intentions will be done ďin the fullness of timeĒ. Calm down Sorie Fofana.Calm down boy! Stop acting like an earthworm upon which salt has been poured.[Lef for make lekkeh ro-rom way den put salt pan]


I have not yet joined APC. When I join my 93-years old grandfatherís party, it will be loudly announced. For now, stay calm SLPP boys; stay calm! :-)

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