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Role Models
93 Years Old S. A. J. Pratt of Sierra Leone
Jan 25, 2013, 17:17

Professor SOLOMON ATHANASIUS JOLLIBOY Pratt, was Sir Milton Margaiís first Economic Adviser to the SLPP led Government of Sierra Leone.


With eight university degrees including Law, Economics, Music, Agriculture, he provided excellent service to Margai. On death of Sir Milton, Pratt continued to serve Sir Albert Margai as Govt Economic Adviser but S.A.J. Pratt never joined SLPP party. During the Albert Margai reign, Solomon Pratt became quite dis-satisfied with Sir Albert Margai ignoring Prattís economic advise so Pratt resigned as Government Adviser & joined opposition APC.


Solomon Pratt was one of the true brains behind APCís 1967 victory. Solomon Pratt was standing right next to APC's Prime Minister Siaka Stevens as Stevens was being sworn in at State House when late Hingha Norman pointed that his infamous pistol at the APC in March 1967.


Solomon Pratt later played pivotal role in eventual restoration of both the APC and Prime Minister Siaka Stevens from exile in 1968.


Pratt was to eventually become the first Attorney-General of the Republic of Sierra Leone under Siaka Stevens.


As Foreign Minister, his diplomatic skills led to the building of the Youyi Building, the National Stadium & many of such infrastructures located all over Sierra Leone which were built during the era of President Siaka Stevens.


93 years old S.A.J. Pratt


Also, as Development Minister, Pratt is also credited with initial idea of Bumbuna Hydro-Electric Project amongst many other achievements.


Solomon Pratt served his country well so he is blessed with long life. He is now in his 93rd year of life.


In 1995 under the NPRC military junta, it was to Solomon Pratt the APC turned to for help in the party's constitutional matters to ensure their participation in the emerging multi-party democracy which the NPRC had decreed could resume. The current preamble at the start of the current APC party Constitution was the sole work of Solomon Pratt in December 1995.


Solomon Pratt, a gifted musical student and pianist, also wrote the music of the current APC VICTORY song.


Solomon Pratt, currently living in London, says he is now so proud that his second grand-daughter, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, who is publisher of this paper, has finally made similar decision to very soon join his beloved All Peoples Congress (APC).


APC, Live Forever!

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