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SLPP Runningmate Loses Eldest Daughter : She will be laid to rest after 2pm Prayers today
Feb 1, 2013, 17:22

Dr. Kadi Sesay is sadly bereaved: She lost her eldest daughter, Jane, this week
The erstwhile running-mate of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in last yearís November elections is bereaved. She lost her eldest daughter, the 39 years old Jane this week. According to family members, Jane has been ill for a while but quietly passed away at the home of her mother.


The late daughter will be laid to rest in Freetown in the afternoon of today, Friday 1st February  2013, following the 2pm Muslim prayers.


Dr. Kadi Sesay, who is one of Sierra Leoneís leading female role models, was known to be very attached to all her three children. She is now left with two children; her second daughter Isha, who is also an international role model working at the CNN as a news anchor and her son Mamud, a private businessman.


Awareness Times joins to extend our sincere sympathies to the good Dr. Kadi Sesay and her family at this time of their sadness. May the late Janeís soul rest in perfect peace.

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