From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

SLPP’s Alhaji dances at Samu Chiefdom’s Bondo Soccor
Feb 1, 2013, 17:14

Alhaji! Alhaji! Alhaji!!! How many times have we called your name Alhaji? Usually when men return from Mecca, they avoid to soccor at Bondo dance with nubile women. But Alhaji on Thursday 24th January 2013, we pictured you LIVE alongside defeated “2012 Yumkella” dancing at the Bondo soccor at a time when the Senegalese Marabout had not yet left through the Guinean market-town. Alhaji, Haja Yillah of ABC and Foday SLPP Talk-Talk cannot save Kandeh Yumkella if we want to really expose him.  Alhaji, please we are trying to listen to those begging us to ceasefire. Dont catalyse us to go further. A word to the wise!

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