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Call for better Response to Child Abuse Rape cases in Sierra Leone
Mar 22, 2013, 17:08


Call for better Response

to Child Abuse Rape cases in Sierra Leone


21st March 2013

Dear Editor,


Thank you very much for bringing to light an important topical issue which I think our government of President Ernest Koroma, and supported by the legislative body of Sierra Leone need to prioritise within the next 5 years his term of office. This can be achieved as he will have nothing to loose thereafter the 5 year term of office.


People and particularly men of influential positions do not have shame in themselves other than preying on inocent children for whom possibly poverty is the main cause. In my view, I will suggest that government should be heavy on people and particularly the legislative body and most importantly women's group in the legal profession should rally round to make sure that people are prosecuted heavily for molesting children in our beloved country.


Given the nature of my profession in the education sector [UK] I am sick at the way in which male teachers are perpetrating abuse of young girls in Sierra Leone. This must stop and a commission must be set up to look into such acts across the entire system in our country [this should include a Criminal Record Bureau [CRB] check to vet everyone of acts involving a minor, particularly those people working with children - teachers, lecturers, medics, etc]. Some people may see it as nothing great, but I know for certain that such type of abusive behaviour instill an everlasting memory of shame and level of low self-esteem in the minds of women growing up in our society. Whether it is a mental sickness or as the English may call it [Paedophilia], we need to eradicate such people from society through heavy forms of punishment - death or something that will create everlasting lesson to would-be abusers in our country.


A national debate should be held and supported by mass education about the impact of such abusive behaviours on a victim's life. As a parent with daughters, I will never conceal sexual abusive behaviours perpetrated by anyone - this is inclusive of close family members. I know that these things starts from within the home and for God's sake, President Ernest Koroma should start acting now to influence the law to reduce such acts.


Thank you very much for airing your concerns about the misdids of an important area for public debate in Sierra Leone. I whole heartedly support your views and if I was currently in Sierra Leone, I will propose that a proper clean-up of such molested act start from within the education sector - for example, any teacher or high professional caught or suspected of such rapist act must either be suspended or banned from performing or taking up public sector appointments. The same is true for those in the private sector - they must be banned from providing service to the public and must never be trusted to work on their own in an environment involving minors [children].



Emerson A. Jackson.

B.Sc [Hons] Econ, M.Sc [Res. Methods], PGCE [with QTS], CertMRS

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