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After his Thugs Attack Women & Children Kao Denero Damns APC Government, Red Color & Police
Apr 8, 2013, 17:08

Writing on Facebook social media last Saturday and Sunday, Hip Hop musician Kao Denero has slammed at APC-led Government and Sierra Leone Police for banning his musical concert of April 6th 2013. He also writes that his show was banned because he does not wear red clothes more often. He writes incitement for his followers to stand up against the Government which Kao accuses of dictatorship. All this is because police implemented a ban to protect innocent women and children from suffering more pains at hands of Kao’s thugs who ran amok last Friday in Freetown.

Police Blamed for not Arresting Kao Denero

A Commentary culled off Facebook Page of



I was an eye-witness to the Kao Denero gangsters violence last Friday evening along the streets of Freetown. Youths who were half-naked (some of them only wore boxers!!) with black handkerchiefs tied over lower half of their faces or black/white bandanas around their neck, drinking alcohol and smoking substance, took over streets around PZ area right in front of my eyes. It was traumatic!


Violent acts all around on innocent women and young, young kids! Right in front of my eyes! I am told the same violence happened all along the route from East into Central Freetown! Right in front of my eyes, it was like RUF REBELS advancing into the city. Frightening!!! At one point, it was my personal SSD bodyguard who rushed out of my car with his gun to save a young 14 years old boy who had just returned from classes and was being beaten up at junction of Siaka Stevens Street and Wilberforce Street. The boy's crime? He had on a red shirt!!! And Kao Denero's thugs were attacking and wounding anyone wearing red clothes which they allege to be colour of a rival musician LAJ.


The truth is that despite all efforts to rehabilitate these musical gangsters which efforts went as far up as involving the Head of State at one point, it has yielded not as much dividend as expected. The painful aspect is that these guys will NOT do this in America.They come here and have their “fans” perpetuate gross criminality and want to be allowed to go scot free because they enjoy support of chunks of youths.


Instead of apologising for the LAWLESSNESS of his "fans", this Kao Denero is trying to introduce politics into the curtailing of his criminality. The fellow is actually blaming politicians. His fans traumatised & terrorised the city and he blames politicians whom he claims are jealous of him! Serious-No joke! He says his show was banned not because of the violence but because politicians and the Police are “jealous” of him! He even snickers on Facebook that it is because he does not wear red clothes often.


Instead of expressing remorse for the pains and trauma which innocent women traders and youths suffered at the hands of his THUGS he calls "fans", this “Peace Ambassador” Kao Denero is abusing the Police & Government and getting his supporters to write even worse comments on social media.


My opinion is that the reason why all these ill-thought comments are being made by Kao Denero is because the POLICE did not arrest Kao Denero that evening and take a cautionary statement from him before eventually releasing him on bail and/or charging him to court under the Public Order Act. The Issued Police Clearance for his Street Rally that evening stated he would be held responsible for any breach of the peace.


There were so many breaches of the peace that evening so Kao should be held responsible as per law established but instead he was given a mere slap on the wrist with just a mere ban of his show!! That is why all these kinds of justification for LAWLESSNESS is going on. If Kao Denero had been made to sleep in a police cell Friday night, it would have sobered him up and made him realise the gravity of what happened to his fellow citizens at the hands of his “fans” he brought out into the streets of Freetown last Friday evening.


I do not blame Kao Denero for the nonsense he is writing on his Facebook wall against the Government and which his followers are continuing to write. I do blame the Police for not arresting Kao on Friday night after all the violence his thugs displayed.


Finally, last but not least AND of great importance is a warning. Those politicians who think they can woo cheap support by molly coddling Kao Denero, have another think coming up. Some of us do not compromise morals for cheap popularity. This country suffered too much from LAWLESSNESS. Our youths have been greatly misused and abused by those who should know better. Let it be known that State House is fully behind the ban on Kao Denero’s show.Facebook comments by Nasser Ayoub that a VVIP, supposedly close to our President, has told him otherwise is contemptible.


There is no way the President will oppose the proactive measures which have been taken by the Police. That so-called VVIP (if he does exist) does not know what he is talking about. Maybe he is one of those seeking cheap popularity from misguided youths. State House supports the steps taken by the Inspector-General of Police to be proactive by banning the Kao Denero show.


Lawlessness, Lawlessness, Ee do so bo!! Lonta!


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