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THANK YOU PRESIDENT KOROMA : As Koinadugu voted 4 for 4, President Koroma Rewarded Koinadugu 5 for 5
By Captain Saio S. Marrah (Rtd) Expert in International Relations and Security Studies
Apr 11, 2013, 17:24

Koinadugu district is considered by many political pundits as a swing or battle ground district. Sierra Leone's political history demonstrates that this district can make and unmake leaders. In the past, no single political party had really boasted of having total control over this multi-ethnic district which incidentally is the largest in the country. It has once being an APC strong hold, UNDP strong hold, SLPP strong hold and it's presently owned by the APC. But what is important to note here is that, unlike others, the people of Koinadugu have never in the political history of this country used this advantage as a political weapon to demand political gains.  Hitherto, we are only interested in astute and honest leadership enveloped in development.


Koinadugu district is typically a multicultural district comprising Koranko, Limba, Mandingo, Fula and Yalunka ethnic groups. Multiculturalism, which is the threshold and limelight of the district, was distorted and utilised as a device to disintegrate the people of Koinadugu into petty fragmentation by nave politicians of the district. Such unethical, disreputable and old-fashioned politicians have with all intent and purpose used the tribal ticket in the past to hamper the harmony and homogeneity of the people in the district.


Today, the ordinary people of Koinadugu are enlightened; they are politically sharper than the politicians themselves. They have realised that, it is foolish for brothers and sisters that have co-existed, inter-married and have plenty in common to draw swords against each other just because of the manipulative act of awful and appalling politicians.

Captain Saio S. Marrah (Rtd)

As the Koinaduguans are very keen for the development of their district, they have come together and get themselves cemented so that they can focus on the bigger picture (development and prosperity).Thinking development was made easier for the Koinaduguans because of the developmental orientation of President Koroma. When the people of Koinadugu assessed the developmental agenda of President Koroma, they tighten their belts for district unity in order to achieve this blessing.


The fact of the matter is, Koinadugu was still undecided up to September and early October last year. But when the five permanent member of the district (Fula, Yalunka, Mandingo, Limba and Koranko) met and tabularized their differences, risk, disadvantages, opportunities and the like, they decided to make up their minds. When they altruistically analysed the needs and wants of the district, the needs of women, youths, children and the aged and when they compared the human development index of Koinadugu against other districts they realised that their diversity should be a spring board to kick start the battle against their common enemy called underdevelopment. Koinadugu district by all indications is the least developed district in Sierra Leone.


The road network from Makeni to Kabala is a cascade of pot holes, the district headquarter town (Kabala) is the darkest in the country, there isn't any pipe burn water, the Kabala Township is dusty/muddy depending to the season. Additionally, there are less NGO's operating in the district and even those that are present, are refusing to operate in the interior due to poor road network. This poor road network in the interior of Koinadugu District also has health hazards attached to it - hence pregnant women, the aged and children are suffering the brunt of the problem. There are always incidents of premature deaths because the sick have to trek long distances to get treatment and most often and again they don't make it.


As an Agricultural district, the poor road network has incidentally led to "Agricultural Apathy" hence poor road network has frustrated farmers because their perishable goods gets perished before reaching even the district headquarter town of Kabala not to mentioned Freetown. The poor road network has also led to what we call in International Political Economy as Monopsonistic Trade. This is a situation where the buyer knowing fully well that the farmer has no other alternative decides to dictate the price of the goods.The farmer is then faced with two alternatives; either to accept the "bad price" offered by the buyer or refuses and risks his/her goods to perish because other buyers will find it difficult to reach the farmer due to poor road network.


With such dismal, abysmal and murky situation in our minds, we embraced president Koroma's saleable political philosophy enveloped in his 4 for 4 message.The 4 for 4 message was accepted and disseminated down to the least hamlet of Koinadugu district with ease and simplicity. The embedded message was, vote 4 for 4 to avoid political grid lock and fast-forward development (agenda for prosperity) in Koinadugu in particular and Sierra Leone in general.


The fundamental rationale that encouraged the Koinaduguans to accept President Koroma's 4 for 4 message was the trust and confidence they had/have in the president. Such trust and confidence bestowed upon President Koroma was fulfilled when the President gave 5 ministerial positions to each of the 5 ethnic groups of the district as a sign of gratitude.


My message to my fellow brothers and sisters in Koinadugu District is simple. President Koroma has fulfilled a promise he never made in the first instance - 5 Ministers! Absolutely amazing! Five years from now, whether good or bad, development or underdevelopment, prosperity or impoverishment, we have to praise or blame our 5 Ministers, 6 Parliamentarians, the Councillors and District Council chairperson. So please tighten your belts and perform for your people because President Koroma has done his bit by showing his appreciation. 


President Koroma holds that gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. Similarly, he is convinced that thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude and gratitude the completion of thankfulness, and whiles thankfulness may consist merely of words - gratitude is shown in action.


President Koroma's generosity is immensurable as it is inexplicable - hence as the Koinaduguans voted 4 for 4, President Koroma awarded Koinadugu 5 for 5.

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