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Sierra Leone’s Fashion Industry Gets big boost
By Edward Timmy
Apr 16, 2013, 17:08

The Sierra Leone Fashion Industry has received a facelift by a Sierra Leonean foreign based Female Fashioner and Model, Miss Tiah Knox. 


In an exclusive interview with this press on Monday, 15th April, 2013, she disclosed that she has been a professional and intellectual model for close to a decade in the United States of America. She revealed that she has modelled for Apple Bottom (Nelly), SS County. Robin hood Foundation, House of Lonic Cisco. Lincoln Fashion Show, Sean Jean, Fashion Entertainment Board, among others and that she retired in October 2011 after being crowned Queen of Miss Fulfiga, USA.


US Based Sierra Leonean Fashion Model, Tiah Knox


She further informed that she is the CEO of Knox Model and Talents (KM&T), Le Platinum Stars Company in the United States. Miss Knox went on to reveal that she will be organizing the very first edition of the nations’ first ever  fashion novelty, Sierra Fashion Week (SLEW), which according to her, is to showcase the potentials and benefit a nation can achieve in fashioning.


Tiah Knox said the Sierra Leone Fashion Week is a four day fashion event for models, artists, designers, make-up artist, performers, celebrities which is scheduled for the 24th and 25th April,  2013. There is also a fashion workshop which is aimed at those that will be fashioning on how to go about it and on the 26th.  The event which will take place at the Family Kingdom will feature Sierra Leonean designers, artists, among others. Alos, John Dumelo from Ghana, she informed, will be the celebrity guest of the event.


On the 28th she went on, there will be a festival to showcase swimsuit designers wears at the beach. The purpose of the Sierra Leone Fashion Week, she said is to set the pace for a high-class fashion industry that will attract investment, companies, by bringing international investors into the country’s fashion and tourism sector.


“Some of the proceeds will go to a deserving special humanitarian organization,” she said.


Tiah Knox noted that her assessment so far is that the fashion sector is missing the professional aspect. “The fashion industry in Sierra Leone has the passion and creativity, but lacks the professionalism to project or propagate its full benefit, and it also hinders its marketing and promotion. Your image count 90% of you,” she maintained. Professionalism, she said is the base of one’s image for marketing, cleanliness, focus, simplicity. According to her, professionalism attracts people. “Simplicity is the best. if you try to do so much you lose focus on quality display.” She said, adding, “I do believe that the fashioners grow and the models must take opportunity of the Sierra Leone Fashion Week and all that is available to them to make it better.”


She said, the opportunities are endless but the missing of the push by many fashioners is an impediment to progress. Models, she said, must stop complaining about money or other adversaries to the point of them losing an opportunity. “Don’t focuses so much on the money aspect, focus on opportunities to showcase your talent and people will see you for marketing and promotion,” she said.


Tiah Knox cited that, Fashion is an expression of who you are. “It is about feeling confident in self expression. For me, it’s about overcoming timidity by performing enjoyably in few fashion shows and then caught the fire,” said Miss Knox.


Knox further stated that the major success is that of the international promotion, market exposure that the Sierra Leone Fashion Week hopes to bring to indigenous models. The models will have the opportunity to be provided with Cam cads, Business Card, and Portfolio to enhance their professional image and develop a high-class fashion sector in Sierra Leone. We must try to market models and create opportunities for designers to be supported by agencies and investors. In Sierra Leone the fashion industry’s economy is low and poor and for models and designers it is another challenge they have to overcome. The tourism industry in the country, she said, needs more improvement particularly for high class fashion in Sierra Leone. “We need investors for the fashion industry to bring businesses to Sierra Leone,” she advised.


Le Platinum Stars Production, according Miss Knox is the mother company of SLFW which she owns.“Verameo cosmetics has helped us with US$2500 worth of makeups for models taking part in the SLFW. Africa Magazine, Nolly Angel Magazine, Fashion for Peace in Paris are all  our Media Sponsors for the first ever SLFW.

She added that the fashion industry starts firstly with the passion and motivation that makes one don’t want to stop; secondly, professionalism which is what sells out one’s image; thirdly, creativity - how you do it. “This industry is large,” she concluded.

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