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"Sierra Leone Losing Billions to Unchecked Sea Transportation"ÖSays SLNC GM
By Augustine Samba
Apr 19, 2013, 17:12

The General Manager (GM) of the Sierra Leone National Carrier (SLNC), Mr. Rulle Bamie Turay, has said in Freetown that Sierra Leone stands to lose revenue worth billions of leones to unchecked sea transportation if corrective measures are not put in place in the next five years.


Mr. Turay made this statement in an exclusive interview with the Awareness Times on Thursday 18th April 2013 at his head office in Freetown. According to him, SLNC is a joint venture between Sierra Leone National Shipping Company (SLNSC) under the purview of the Government of Sierra Leone and Premuda Sierra Leone.


He said his company is reputable and stands to provide the most competitive and reliable shipping services for both the private and the public sectors and the entire business community in Sierra Leone.


The General Manager revealed that the essence of establishing the SLNC is for the Government of Sierra Leone to be able to provide shipping services and maritime logistical support towards shipment, exportation and importation of its cargoes and to also collect huge revenue from that sector.


He informed that in the past years, SLNSC was boasting of having three vessels, such as the MT Pompoli (oil tanker), MV Madam Yoko (bulk carrier) and MV Kai Londo (bulk carrier) but that today, its unfortunate to note that the Company cannot even boast of owning a single vessel.


Mr. Turay said his company has the potential to bring back the lost glory in the shipping business in Sierra Leone but that this can only be achieved through helping the government to acquire its own ships and maritime logistics using the revenues generated from the shipping sector.


The General Manager further revealed that in some countries, preference is given to the national shipping companies for carriage of national resource cargoes and that those countries are enforcing cargo reservation policies for their national-interest carriers.


He said the Government of Sierra Leone, as a key producer of raw materials, is to be able to provide both logistics and shipping services for the shipment of its cargoes, whilst assuring that with the joint venture in place, SLNC will be able to provide just these services with no cost to the Government.

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