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Sierra Leone Excels at G20 Development Conference in Moscow
By Maitland Cole, Information Attaché, Moscow
Jul 12, 2013, 17:20

Speaking at the G20 development workshop on inclusive Green Initiative in Moscow on Sunday 7th July 2013, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Energy, Oluniyi Robbin Coker, elucidated on the various components of the Agenda for Change (2008-2012) and the Development part for Sierra Leone’s Agenda for Prosperity (2013-2017).

Mr. Robbin-Coker informed the G20 workshop that the green growth initiative includes the acceleration of human development, international competitiveness, government and public sectors reform. The Energy Minister spoke of the employment and carbons strategy, social protection and general issue as the main component of Sierra Leone’s Agenda for Prosperity.


Mr. Robbin-Coker said that Sierra Leone’s working definition for the realization of the green growth initiative as infrastructure, energy, the sustainability of the city, managing renewable and non-renewable natural resources efficiently and building of resilience for the benefit of its citizens.


The Minister stressed the importance of the sharing of knowledge and experiences of the various member country of the G20 community, adding that the intensification of new technology transfer and networking would enable green growth strategy of the G20 countries.

In furthering the workshop initiative on inclusive Green growth, Mr. Robbin-Coker stressed the need for strengthening capacity, accountability and transparency as well as the need for improved procurement and financial management. He added that an increased capacity in environmental and social impact assessment, especially in mining, energy and agricultural agencies in Sierra Leone.


The Minister further stressed for continuous policy reviewed and adjustment in compliance with international norms and standard in the promotion of gender equality in public life and increased productivity in Sierra Leone.

In his presentation, the Principal Project Officer of the International Finance Cooperation (IFC), Mr. Alan Miller defined the green growth initiative as it
s own concept on this issue. He pointed out that there was a synergy between growth and reduction of poverty in the various countries.

Mr. Miller referred to the opportunities and challenges facing the G20 countries, stressing the need for green growth for opportunities and the sharing of public awareness among the countries concern.

The G20 conference which was organized in Moscow in the Russia Federation provided an opportunity to examine in depth the practical application and experiences on the ground by member countries of the organization.

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