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Cabinet Rank vs. Cabinet Minister
By Awareness Times
Oct 14, 2013, 12:10

In the USA under President Barack Obama, there are seven appointees who are not Cabinet members but hold Cabinet rank. Four of the seven are women in persons of Sylvia Burwell, Gina McCarthy, Jeanne Hulit and Samantha Power. They can be summoned by the U.S. Parliament (Congress) but whilst doing executive duties, they are only answerable to President Obama. In Sierra Leone, we have three similar appointments who are not Cabinet Ministers but who hold Cabinet rank. One of them, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, is the first woman to hold Cabinet rank at State House and is only answerable to H.E. President Ernest Koroma in her executive duties.


In this edition, we publish the following who hold Cabinet rank and so are entitled to all privileges accorded Cabinet members but they are not members of the Cabinet:


United States of America*

*See for full meaning of their titles.

Denis McDonough (Chief of Staff)

Gina McCarthy (EPA)

Sylvia Burwell (OMB)

Michael Froman (USTR)

Samantha Power (UN Mission)

Jason Furman (CEA)

Jeanne Hulit (SBA)


Sierra Leone

Emmanuel Osho-Coker (SP)

Richard Konteh (Chief of Staff)

Sylvia Blyden (SEA)

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