From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Robin Faley hosts ‘One Year’ APC Anniversary in Segbwema, Njaluahun
By Aruna Turay
Nov 7, 2013, 17:08

The ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party led by its Deputy Organizing Secretary II, Hon. Robin Faley over the weekend celebrated the first year anniversary of the joining of the party by Faley. The celebrations held in Segbwema, Kailahun district took the form of a masquerade parade through the main streets of the town. In a phone interview with this medium, Faley said the event attracted youths and women from various parts of the district.


He said he used the opportunity to address the celebrants and told them that the APC is a national party that is in Kailahun district to stay and implement development for all.


According to Faley, Njaluahun chiefdom and its headquarter town of Segbwema which were formerly considered as one of the strongholds of the main opposition the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) is now seen moving gradually to the APC with the help of Hon. Faley.

According to Faley, the SLPP and its former chairman, John Benjamin’s influence in Segbwema is dwindling and Faley is now seen as the “new hero”. There has been no independent confirmation of his claims.

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