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As they re-transform headquarters to Jamba cartel…SLPP Thug Jailed for Alleged Stabbing at Party HQ
By Awareness Times
Nov 8, 2013, 17:04

We have decided to reproduce this our last month article in today’s edition

At the time when many citizens had developed hope that the country’s main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) was now on the road to living up to its task as a responsible opposition, the new leadership of the popularly elected Chief Somano Kapen, has exposed an irresponsible side to itself.This irresponsible manner of allowing very notorious party thugs to rebuild and re-open a ‘pote’ (illicit drugs center) at the back of the SLPP headquarters has now resulted in the thugs, high on drugs, attacking each other and shedding blood alongside the free flow of materbal invectives (mammy cuss) on one another.


It can be recalled that things had gotten so bad within the SLPP that by November 2010, party supporters were plucking out each other’s body parts including eyeballs; all whilst high on drugs especially cannabis sativa (Djamba). In a bid to curtail the violence and reduce criminal activities within the compound, the outgone chairman and leader, John Oponjo Benjamin had instituted steps such as destruction of the ‘pote’ that was at back of the compound.




After Benjamin stepped away from the SLPP leadership in August this year and Chief Somano Kapen stepped up, the ‘pote’ has been ressurected alongside the attendant violence and ‘mammy cuss’ at SLPP offices. Last month, the violence was so severe that blood is said to have flowed like water inside SLPP compound. This left at least one SLPP operative hospitalised and another inside a police cell.

Tamba Kailondo who is one of the ex-combatants loyal to the SLPP’s defeated presidential aspirant, Julius Maada Bio, has been denied bail in the magistrate court of Sierra Leone and remanded at the Pademba Road Prisons on Tuesday October 22nd 2013, on criminal charges including Wounding with Intent.


The accused is alleged to have stabbed one Ibrahim Sheriff aka Abravo, another personal bodyguard to Mr. Maada Bio during a fight that broke out on Friday October 18th 2013 at the party’s headquarters in Freetown. A significant chunk of SLPP’s Abravo’s lips were sliced off by SLPP’s Kailondo with a knife. The two men fought over supremacy in the ‘Pote’



Police sources told Awareness Times that Abravo was “pouring blood from his lips like water”.



He was rushed to hospital where he received 14 stitches after being stabbed by Tamba who accused him of lusting after his concubine. Kailondo, who was high as a kite, beat up the concubine inside SLPP compound, then chased Abravo with a knife which he used to stab him.



After reporting the matter at the Central Police Division the police arrested Tamba and apprehended him in police custody.



A senior police officer told Awareness Times that during the course of investigations at the scene of crime (i.e: SLPP party offices), they discovered that the drugs cartel which had been dismantled by John Benjamin few years back, was now up and thriving.According to the Central Police Division Operations team, it was confirmed by other SLPP members that Abravo owns the marijuana (jamba) ‘pote’ now re-operating at the back of the SLPP headquarters on Wallace Johnson Street where he has been trading in illicit drugs since Chief Somano Kapen took office.


Meanwhile, there is another brewing tension within the SLPP whereby a significant percent of supporters of Julius Maada Bio continue to pledge their loyalty to Kandeh Yumkella, another military junta operative widely believed to be seeking to ‘snatch’ the SLPP presidential ticket from Maada Bio, his former boss in the defunct and brutal NPRC military junta.


The Chairman of the Reconciliation Committee created to unite the party, Dr. Alpha Wurie, whose sister is married to the SLPP brother of Kandeh Yumkella, has been accused by Maada Bio supporters of working “secretly” with Dr. Prince Harding, the Deputy Chairman for Harding to be the running-mate to Kandeh Yumkella.


Still yet another group of SLPP members have expressed lack of confidence in Alpha Wurie over his statement alleged to have indicted John Benjamin as a bad leader who had not been able to unite the SLPP.Wurie in a recent newspaper interview made divisive comments attacking  Benjamin.


“If Benjamin is a bad leader as Alpha Wurie has alleged, then why is the djamba and mammy cuss and stabbings continuing at the SLPP offices?” asked one of the office staff who requested for anonymity.

According to this staff member, “the divisions inside SLPP right now are worse than ever before. Alpha Wurie is a big mess. There is no confidence in him.Chief Kapen is also facing mistrust within his ‘straight line’ team many of whom snubbed attending an event called up to welcome him back from a recent trip to London”.


He added: “Some of them say they no longer trust his loyalty to Bio as he is being seen as too close lately to associates of Alpha Timbo, who is also keenly eyeing the SLPP’s 2018 presidential ticket”.



As all this is happening with genteel ones in SLPP, their thugs are at one another’s throats. Kailondo is in jail and Abravo is without his lips.

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