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In Sierra Leone, NaCSA Concludes Consultative Forum on Irregular Migration
By Augustine Samba
Nov 11, 2013, 12:06

With funds from ECOWAS Spain Fund, the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) on Thursday 7th November 2013 held a one day consultative and awareness raising forum on irregular migration. The meeting which brought together several important stakeholders was held at the Njala Venue at Lumley Beach in Freetown.

In his statement, the NaCSA Commissioner, Mr. Saidu Conton Sesay said the consultative meeting yearns towards awareness raising and sensitization on the risk of irregular migration in Sierra Leone as well as across the world. He disclosed that illegal migration is associated with harassment, danger, hazards and difficulties. He pointed out that, it was very timely for all Sierra Leoneans to put hands on deck and discourage their compatriots from irregular migration.

Giving a brief background about the irregular migration, the Desk Office of ECOWAS Commission at the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Benga Sama said, for several years, irregular migration had posed problems in the world. He disclosed this, to address the issue of illegal migration, ECOWAS had to fund some counting and for Sierra Leone, NaCSA was mandated to come up with a project that would combat the situation.


Mr. Benga Sama underscored that, NaCSA was sponsored to undertake the project. The desk officer also informed that the project was in line with the ECOWAS vision 2020 which gears toward moving ECOWAS to the people.


Earlier in his statement, the Chairman of the ceremony Mr. John V. Rogers said, the consultative meeting gears towards removing the myths cross cutting on issues related to irregular Migration. He informed that, the dangers, difficulties and accidents of irregular migrants entering European in recent time has brought attention to the whole world. He disclosed that, job opportunity, poverty, war smugglings and other related problem in Africa are the root causes of irregular migration.

In his presentation, NaCSA program manager on Irregular Migration explained extensively about the effects, causes and risks associated with irregular migration.

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