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There are Journalists & there are also Journalists; There are Police Officers & there are Police Officers
By the Editorial Team
Nov 18, 2013, 12:22

Awareness Times continues to receive loud accolades for our investigative skills especially with regards the recent unfortunate incident at Ansarul Islamic Secondary School in the East end of Freetown, that saw an innocent school pupil murdered and his father detained for 24 hours by unscrupulous elements within the police who then went on to try to cover up their unprofessional acts.


It is now without any doubt that had it not been for our dogged determination to unearth the truth behind the developments, some of the unscrupulous elements within the Sierra Leone Police hierarchy might have succeeded to water down the seriousness of what happened on that fateful Monday November 11th 2013.

Sierra Leone Police through a well-spoken CSP Memunatu Conteh, Local Unit Commander of the locality where the murder and detention of murdered kid’s father, took place, has said they are “terribly sorry” for the unpalatable developments. She confirmed that the father of the killed boy was saying the truth when he explained his ordeal to this newspaper about his detention at two police stations.


It is the hope of this newspaper that the poor man would get to be handsomely compensated for the horrific experience he went through at the hands of the police as he son laid cold and dead in a morgue.


Indeed, as we have proven many times, there are very good journalists in Sierra Leone although there are bad eggs like two who will be returning to court this morning for seditious libel. In the same vein, not all police officers are bad in Sierra Leone. The majority are great police officers! Infact, going by overall state of security in the land, we must give our Police a pass mark for their national service.


At the end of it all, the Sierra Leone Police will continue to remain as friends of this newspaper. We know the Police need to get their messages across and this paper stands ready to assist them in the sacred duty of keeping the peace in Sierra Leone. However, we will continue to be the voice of the voiceless when the need arises. Finally, one thing we are sure of is that the Police I.G. Francis Munu and his entire Executive Management Board, by now should very well know which journalists influence public opinions. Let us move forward.

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