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23-11-2013: From Regent to Waterloo to PZ (A Journey with APC 444)
Nov 28, 2013, 17:20

Today, 23/11/2013, marks anniversary of President Koroma being sworn in to his 2nd term. I joyfully spent it with youths, especially rural youths; for which I was accompanied by Western Area rural APC MPs, Hon. Claude Kamanda & Hon. Kemokoh Conteh. I started from Regent; Ended at PZ with Abacha ladies. First photo shows me filling up fuel at brand new NP station up Regent. Second shows me & Samuel Ben Turay, President of National Attaya Base organisation which has over 200,000 members in nation. Driving to Obasanjo Youth Center, we posed on the fantastic Regent-Grafton road being constructed.



At the top, is a spectacular sight to behold in the usually bushy, undeveloped Mountain rural district environs. It is a long stretch of cement overpass bridge being constructed to modern standards as part of Regent-Grafton Highway. To give an idea of the mammoth length of this bridge, I parked the APC-444 benz down by the side and walked up the hill to take this shot. Even at that, I could not get the entire stretch of this long bridge.


(Left): Another scene off the Regent-Grafton Highway being constructed. This one shows a smaller bridge but definitely well constructed to modern standards.


(Right): Inside the cool, air-conditioned mini-market operated by Mrs. Jalloh, the proprietress. When the Regent-Grafton Highway would have been completed, this spot will definitely be the place to stop and shop for your goodies to munch on whilst driving to the Provinces. She is already doing relatively brisk business.


This is a scene off the fantastic Regent-Grafton Rd being built. Ar just park me APC-444 benz en pose like na me get the world. UNA TALK BACK NOR?


Chatting with Mrs. Jalloh, the Proprietress of mini-market at Regents NP Filling Station. It is very encouraging to stop and shop in a cool and friendly atmosphere.

Hon. Claude Kamanda, the Chief Whip in Parliament (who by then was acting as Majority Leader of Parliament in absence of Hon. SBB Dumbuya and Hon. Ibrahim Bundu) poses with Sylvia Blyden at Newton last weekend during tour of Youth-related activities in Western Rural area. Shown in photo is red Mercedes benz donated to the SEA by her APC friends in USA. As promised, it is now licensed with personalised number plate of APC 444.

Hon. Kemokoh Conteh of Western Rural Areas Constituency 94 also toured the Western Rural Area with Dr. Sylvia Blyden last weekend alongside his neighbouring Constituency 95 neighbour, Hon. Claude Kamanda. In this photo, Hon. Kemokoh Conteh is shown along the Waterloo Highway as he goofs around and binds Dr. Sylvia Blyden in a four-hands binding pose as they both stand in front of the APC-444 red Mercedes benz.

It was not only Honourable MPs. Elected APC councillors joined the fun as I rode around Western rural area with APC-444 red benz. Shown here is me and Councillor Saidu Kargbo of Ward 344 (Newton). It is in his Ward that the rural area has a new Mini-Stadium called the Ernest Bai Koroma Stadium. The stadium was built through self-help. Access to play sports games and host entertainment shows inside the stadium is FREE OF CHARGE. It is managed by the local authorities with oversight by the Councillor and Hon. Claude Kamanda.


When the red APC-444 Benz rode into central Freetown, it was mobbed by jubilant supporters of President Koroma and the All Peoples Congress (APC)


The PZ youths joyfully demanded for the SEA to climb out of the APC-444 benz and take photos with them. As you can see they have their four fingers raised high in remembrance of how they voted four-for-four (444) in November 2012

This one shows some of the female traders rushing to pose with APC-444

Some of the physically hard of hearing and mute citizens who hang around PZ are shown here as they join the female traders to scream out APC-444!!!

APC-444!! APC-444!!! APC-444!!! APC-444!!! was the chant all over PZ

This female trader at PZ, who says she is a die-hard supporter of President Koroma, was loudly complaining that because she had her baby on her back & needed to protect her baby, the huge crowd of jubilating 444 revelers could not allow her to be inside the photos as her baby would be squeezed. Hearing the loud cries, Dr. Blyden who was wearing her Ernest Koroma t-shirt, walked over to the woman and took this special photo. All in all, it was a good day.

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