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‘Blaming’ Dr. Sylvia Blyden the SEA, for Media Sanity!
By Editorial Team
Dec 24, 2013, 17:06

We have taken the unusual step of making our lead headline for today, a paid-for supplement by Health Alert in which they are sincerely apologizing to Madam Hadijatou Jallow and staff of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for malicious lies published in a local tabloid (not ours!). Such bold apologies for malicious lies earlier published, are now a regular feature in local media. This is because the alternative is known to be jail time so there is no more arrogant defiance from media despots; See them quickly retracting and apologizing these days.

Although there were many naysayers who thought it impossible, the fact is that with the scare of the use of the criminal libel laws, the Sierra Leone media has significantly improved in the last few months. To the extent that not only are the news reports more professionally sourced but there is now a regular stream of published apologies.

THE VOICE newspaper editor Brima Labor Fofana is the latest unsung culprit to have been sent to jail for failing to make bond after being charged for criminal libel; this time against Minister Kemoh Sesay. As a result, yesterday’s edition of THE VOICE newspaper puts the ‘blame’ for a currently sanitized media landscape on the shoulders of Dr. Sylvia Blyden, the Special Executive Assistant to the President. Yes, in the midst of terrible untruths churned out in local media; especially against the government of the day and the sitting President, it was Dr. Blyden who boldly said time had reached to ‘bell the cat’ and indeed it happened. There is today much sanity in media; oh what peace in the land! and for that we join THE VOICE editorial to ‘blame’ no other person but Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden. Thank you Madam!

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