From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

But what of Detained Soldiers?
By A Front Page Editorial
Feb 6, 2014, 17:18

This newspaper stands shoulder to shoulder in support of the Ministry of Defenceís appeal to the media to refrain from incitement of the public and serving soldiers through publication of wild and unsubstantiated reports. This country has suffered too much for us to still have unpatriotic journalists in our midst, determined to incite unrest through seditious utterances over radio programmes like the notorious MONOLOGUE by David Tam Baryoh.


However, in the same vein, we want to also appeal to both the Attorney-General Frank Kargbo and the Defence Minister to realise they are not helping the case of their government by the inhuman manner in which they are treating several soldiers currently in detention for suspected mutiny and treasonable offences. In what is nothing but total abuse of their human rights, these soldiers have been in detention for many months now without being given the chance to be tried and defended in court. This is unfair and could serve as grounds for their colleagues to stage some form of unrest in the country.


Idrissa Leatherboot Kamara and Johnny Paul Koroma are two military personnel who were sprung from Pademba Road Prisons on May 25th 1997. The rest is History.


We understand that there is enough evidence to try these soldiers but if for some strange reasons, the Government does not want to try the soldiers, please set them free. Anything else is self-inflicted incitement by the APC-led government. Yes, self-inflicted! Thank you!

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