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Sierra Leone: APC Hopes for Youths might Get Damaged
By Editorial Board
Feb 25, 2014, 17:16

Father of Youths: Will Youths disappoint him?
Indications on social media reveal of a group of youths claiming to be fans of a popular local musician LAJ, of RED FLAG MOVEMENT (RFM), are now sending email threats to an international musician in Jamaica warning him not to set foot in Sierra Leone or he will be attacked and killed. The Jamaican, known by nickname of BUSY SIGNAL is supposed to arrive in Sierra Leone in early April, alongside KAO DENERO, another popular musician who draws his fans support from the BLACK LEO group. The latter group, which uses colours of black and blue as against the red of RFM, has been in intense rivalry with the RFM and LAJ. In the past, this led to shedding of blood, violence and even deaths at social events.


It is however well-known that President of Sierra Leone Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, has care for youths to be a passion. So he has intervened directly to ensure peace. So much so that in the last one month, football matches have been held between teams supported by rival red and black-blue fans without any incident. Previously, such matches and musical shows resulted in violence and deaths.


Thus, unless steps are taken to quickly quell the mischief mails threatening violence, all efforts of President Koroma will turn to waste.


Sending out threats of violence visible by billions of people around the world is not the way to show patriotism; it is a way of frustrating genuine efforts. This is one of the reasons why many are now calling on the leadership of the various red, black, blue cliques and bloods youth gatherings to step up to the plate; stem Facebook & social media international threats and ensure the Presidents hopes and faith in youths does not get damaged.


It is no gainsaying that President Ernest Koroma has done more for youths than any other recent government. By youths, this references from the new born babies to the teenagers to young pregnant mothers as well as agile male youths seeking employment with companies like African Minerals, London Mining, Addax, Socfin, Kingho, etc. etc.


In the midst of all of these successes, the President has not relented but is continuing to make the issue of youths one of his topmost priorities.


For example, recent donations to the country by foreign entities like Saudi Arabias richest prince and also by the Chinese government, saw the President rising to ensure donations are channelled towards development of youths.


President Koroma has said he would lay his life down for youths of this country because he places great importance on youths. Question now is whether youths place importance on themselves?

Over to various youths leadership - or else the ruling APCs high hopes for, and strong faith in, Youths, might be dashed.

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