From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

By Alonzo Abasi
Mar 5, 2014, 17:10




E dey pain   ----   For yeri some of the things they talk about Salone

E dey pain   ----   Wey some people kin dey talk lek all tin bad

E dey pain me   ----   But no matter what am not giving up

E dey pain

When they talk about the negatives and forget the positives


Verse 1

Mama Salone na we all country

Even tho aar know say noto all man gentry

But ar believe we come together we can make it a better place.

All tem we say the Government bad but salone man na we bad to we sef

Because we get so many good things wey we nor dey talk about

What about the Roads?

What about the small Light wey we dey see?

What about the Peace that we living in?

What about our culture?

What about our Economy and the minimum wage increase?

What about free Medication for Belleh uman dem


Back to Chorus...


verse 2..

Ar know say yes tin tranga.

En ar Know bout the way how so many people dem dey surfer

But noto salone normor

America, China, London people dem dey surfer dey.

Bo leh we cam together for development en noto all tem for siddon criticise the Government

Salone na we yone noto Government get am

Salone na we yone noto Government yone

Na we normor for tinap strong for make am

Government normor nor go make ya for we


Back to Chorus..


Verse 3..

Some say dem need a change of Government

Some say the 444 dey morna so dem nor lek this Government.

Some say dem hangry so dem need a change of Government

But udat bin promise we say the next Government go gee we 10, 10 thousand for dey eat cookery every morning

Bo doya leh we lek we sef

The only way salone go go bifoe na if we begin appreciate we sef

Noto matter the colour letís come together cause in unity we can conquer poverty na salone.



Me famble dem.. Ar wan leh una know say na we all responsibility as Sierra Leoneans for push salone go bifoe.

We all know say bad things dem dey happen lek corruption but na we all bizness for fet this corruption

Me brothers and sisters na public office leh we be sincere and honest en serve we contry for we all good en for we pekin dem betteh wan.

If Government gee money for hospitals, medical centres, police, schools and Universities, you wey dey in charge na you yone responsibility for use the money for the right purpose. Nor take wetin noto u yone en blame Government.

All man for responsible for e yone action.

Yea ar know say a lot of negatives dey happen but leh we also look at some of the positives wey dey happen.

Na we Don begin export we yone rice made in Sierra Leone, we get good roads. Even tho some nor glady with African Minerals 99 years contract, but leh we also member say African Minerals na blessing to this contry just lek all the other foreign investors wey cam invest na we contry cause dem don provide job opportunities for many Sierra Leoneans wey day lek tidey dem able out food na dem table for dem en dem pekin dem.

Ar nor dey try for talk say everything is bright and beautiful lek ay every Sierra Leonean dey enjoy en eat fr ie rice en chicken every day. What am saying is we have a lot of good things as a country that we should be proud of.

Am sending this message out to His Excellency the president.. Papay we know say una dey try but doya we dey beg una need for do more.

Sierra Leoneans leh we all come together & help we Government for do more.

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