From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Freedom of Information will give Health Finance Answers
By Awareness Times Editorial
Jun 11, 2014, 17:08

This newspaper's attention has been drawn to antics of Mr. Sidie Yahya Tunis, Director of Communications in the Ministry of Health & Sanitiation. Guinea was taken unawares but we had three whole months to prepare but just look at whatís unfolding!¬† We want Mr. Tunis to understand that our focus for now is putting pressure on the government, especially the Health Ministry, to help save our innocent people from Ebola; especially in neglected Kissi areas of Kailahun.The time will come when we will refocus our attention on finding out how much cash was collected by Health Ministry from Finance Minister to sensitise Kailahun people about Ebola. We will use Freedom of Information Act to get answers. After this, we will compare monies received, line by line, note down names of the "sensitisers" and WHERE they Ďsensitisedí.

We will then analyse for the reading public, all the facts in our possession such as the current fact that nobody in many areas of the Kissi Kingdom can recall any meetings called to sensitise them on Ebola. That is the time Mr. Sidie Yahya Tunis & his bosses should prepare for.

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