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Why did Government not pull out of Bo?
By A Front Page Editorial
Jun 17, 2014, 17:16

First of all, this newspaper can confirm that it is a shameful lie that residents of Koindu had been preventing health officials from working there. The truth is Ministry of Health & Sanitation (MOHS) simply abandoned the place along with all Ebola patients in Kissi Teng. It is only after several days of absence of medical doctor that one doctor last week led a one-day mission to discuss restarting health services followed by collection of dozens of sick and dying Ebola patients from Kissi villages on Sunday. And still, as of this morning, there is no medical doctor stationed in entire Kissi Teng!

The Ministry, from its stance, is alleging because an ambulance was stoned by irate residents in a small village several miles from Koindu, the health officials no longer felt safe to work in entire vicinity. That is  an unfortunate excuse for a government to make!


In the last one week, irate bike riders have stoned and damaged properties including jeep of Resident Minister in Bo City. Why did the government, as a response, not pull out of Bo as it did out of Koindu?


MOHS & entire government propaganda machinery have been having a field day spreading false reports locally and internationally about what happened in Kailahun since May 25th; especially in Kissi Teng chiefdom which has seen scores dropping dead. This newspaper is hopeful that one day in the future, independent enquiries will be conducted into a very despicable, shameful conduct that saw MOHS pull out of rendering health services to an Ebola-stricken Kissi Teng. As scores  of bonafide citizens laid dying all over Koindu and Kissi Teng, no medical care,  was available for a good two weeks because it is alleged an ambulance was stoned in a tiny village!!

Are people of Kissi Teng any less than those in Bo? If the government can restore order when stoned in Bo, what stopped it from restoring order when an ambulance got stoned in a small village in Kissi Teng?

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