From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Jun 20, 2014, 17:16

Ministry of Health & Sanitation has been giving us what they say are credible statistics. However, Tulane University’s Ebola expert sent to Sierra Leone from United States Government, has returned to America and just a day or so ago on June 18th 2014, he gave an interview out there which was broadcast all over America’s National Public Radio (NPR). His voice is still available for download from the NPR website. (

It is recalled that June 18th, health ministry statistics said Sierra Leone only had
22 Ebola deaths nationwide so far. Alpha Kanu insists anyone saying otherwise is “demented” & “a spy sent on APC by Maada Bio”.

Well on that same date, here is what the Ebola expert told Americans on radio:

June 18th 2014 ( “There are many villages in the eastern part of Sierra Leone that are basically devastated,” virologist Robert Garry of Tulane University tells NPR’s Jason Beaubien. “We walked into one village and we found 25 corpses. One house with seven people, all in one family, were dead”.

“It’s a very serious situation there,” adds Garry, who just returned to the U.S. from West Africa. “This is about as bad as an Ebola outbreak gets.”

So, Health Ministry says only 22 deaths nationwide whilst America’s expert says in one village alone, they met
25 dead bodies. So, who is lying? Or maybe U.S. expert at Tulane was also sent by Maada Bio?

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