From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Police Notice on Sale of Alcohol
Jun 23, 2014, 12:06


It has come to the attention of the Police that certain unscrupulous persons are engaged in peddling or selling alcoholic drinks to children and other members of the public without licensing their premises or having license to do so. Be informed that the sale of alcohol is strictly regulated by law i.e. (cap 238 of the liquor licensing Act of the laws of Sierra Leone 1960). All manufacturers, distributors and dealers must ensure that their factories, shops, stores or outlets used for doing such business must be properly registered and approved. Furthermore sale of alcohol drinks to children under 18 is strictly outlawed.


The police would want to inform the general public that after the 26th June 2014 all those involved in the manufacture, distribution, sale or otherwise of alcoholic drinks without proper license or registration will be arrested, have their premises used for the sale of alcoholic drinks shut down and prosecuted.


This warning also takes into account those who hawk medicines, alcoholic drinks in bottles, sachets or other containers, along the street of Freetown. Mobile manufactures of alcoholic drinks are also warned to desist from this practice


Any contravention or breach of this notice will be met the full force of the law.

You have been warned. 





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