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Sierra Leone News : NASSIT to Open Two New Offices in Freetown
Jul 11, 2014, 17:10

By all indications so far, the new Management of NASSIT, headed by its astute Acting Director General, Mr. Joseph Sedu Mans Jr, is very much on course to deliver on its statutory responsibilities to the people of Sierra Leone. For in the recent past, the new Management has embarked on series of proactive measures that are succeeding in restoring the hitherto diminishing public confidence and bringing smiles to the faces of its contributors. These measures have included the introduction of a biometric pension payment system an electronic system that minimizes identity fraud while facilitating easy processing and payment of benefits; the fast-tracking of payment of over 400 long-outstanding benefit claim files thanks to special arrangements with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development; and the collaboration with the no-nonsense Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Labour and Social Security to recover billions of leones from a good number of public and private sector institutions (including District and City councils) that had been in default of payment of lawful NASSIT contributions on behalf of their employees.


Acting Director General, Mr. Joseph Sedu Mans Jr

But as though all the above measures are not enough, the new NASSIT Management, of Mr. Mans Jr., has now decided to establish two new satellite offices in the metropolitan city of Freetown one in the West and another in the East. Speaking to this medium, in a very upbeat mood, Mr. Mans Jr. said that the two new offices will soon be open to the general public and sufficiently equipped to provide top-notch customer services to Sierra Leoneans. Mr. Mans further explained that the facilities are simply part of the new thinking of his new administration a thinking that is characterized by delivering only positive results for NASSIT and all Sierra Leoneans.

In a related interview with the NASSIT Director of Operations, Mr. Amadu F. Dainkeh, he said that the reasons behind the proposed establishment of the two new offices are largely operational.


NASSIT Headquater

These include the dire need to satisfactorily serve the residents of Freetown the largest NASSIT operational area and a very fast-growing city in terms of population, aerial spread, and number of registered establishments and employees; the need to reduce the burden and hassle on the part of NASSIT contributors and pensioners who often have to travel all the way from different extremes to the centre of town just to access NASSIT services; and the need to minimize administrative and other costs on the part of both NASSIT and employers in enforcing compliance with the NASSIT Act of 2001. Additionally, Mr. Dainkeh proudly explained, the two new offices are meant to place NASSIT in a strategic position to cater for the expected surge in its membership base especially with the planned introduction of two additional contingences within the next three years.

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