From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

The Ebola Denial Starts from the Top
By An Editorial Viewpoint
Jul 18, 2014, 17:08

One of the major reasons behind the unprecedented scale of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone has been the aspect of denial. The denial is visible from top to bottom. Yesterday July 17th 2014, even as an ambulance raced through streets of Freetown with a dead Ebola patient to be hastily buried, it was interesting to see top government cadre is still in denial as to extent of catastrophe.


Minister of Tourism Peter Bayuku Conteh yesterday asked journalists to tell potential tourists that Ebola was only found in one region of Sierra Leone. He passionately urged journalists to report such false information as a means of making tourists comfortable to come and visit Sierra Leone.


The minister is in denial of what Ebola represents. We wonder if this minister knows the implication of just one tourist catching Ebola here? Is it not better for tourists to stay away until we stop active viral transmission in the country?


So, until top cadre in government develop the required maturity on this issue, every time these government officials point at denial amongst the ordinary citizens, four fingers will be pointing right back at them. We just hope Posterity will not harshly judge this government on how it managed this Ebola crisis.

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