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Sierra Leone Ebola Commentary: Alpha Kanu, Miatta Kargbo and Deaths Announced by the Three MRU Countries
Aug 15, 2014, 17:17

Alpha Kanu, Miatta Kargbo and Deaths Announced by the Three MRU Countries

*Table below is from Data published on official WHO website showing the following Ebola Statistics:

  • The Guinea Deaths as counted from December 2013 to August 11th 2014 - Eight (8) Months Period.
  • The Liberia Deaths as from mid-March 2014 to August 11th 2014 - Five (5) Months Period.
  •  The Sierra Leone Deaths as from May 26th to August 11th 2014 -  Less than Three (3)  months.


In 3 months, Sierra Leone raced past Guinea & Liberia in Confirmed Deaths. Meanwhile, we, as a newspaper are questioning the low numbers listed as Probable & Suspected deaths.


According to the World Health Organisations published criteria,
CONFIRMED EBOLA  DEATH is one where the dead patients specimen had tested positive for Ebola virus in a laboratory.



(a) the person died after having suffered from a sudden onset of high fever and having had contact with a suspected, probable or confirmed Ebola patient or a dead or sick animal.


(b) the person dies during an Ebola outbreak after inexplicable bleeding


(c) the person dies during an Ebola outbreak after sudden onset of high fever and at least three of the following symptoms:


anorexia / loss of appetite



stomach pain

aching muscles or joints

difficulty swallowing

breathing difficulties



(d) any sudden and inexplicable death in an Ebola affected area.


PROBABLE EBOLA DEATH is either of the following:

(i) Aforementioned suspected case evaluated by a clinician before he dies.


(ii) Any deceased suspected case having an epidemiological link with a confirmed Ebola case but whose own specimens were not collected for laboratory confirmation before being buried.


Now, we note utterance of Alhaji Alpha Kanu against this newspaper up in Parliament on August 14th.  This is second time he is threatening us with legal action over Ebola coverage. This time, he is threatening under the guise of the State of Public Emergency. What a shameless man!After he lies, he threatens to jail those who question his lies? Unbelievable display of shameless bullying!

Now, we would like Information Minister Alhaji Alpha Kanu to tell this country whether any appeal was made to the wife of Americas Vice-President, Dr. Jill Biden, during her last month visit, about urgent need for the international community to help with Ebola Epidemic? Did anyone raise Ebola assistance issue with Dr. Jill Biden? If not, is it because it was being downplayed then?

Going by just one example of a local authority, the position of this newspaper is that it is sad to see  Alpha Kanu &  Health Minister Miatta Kargbo, continue to propagate under-reported figures of Ebola deaths in Sierra Leone.


Paramount Chief of Jawei Chiefdom, P.C. Musa Ngoumbuklah Kallon II has handed over to this newspaper a signed copy of number of Ebola deaths in his chiefdom, including suspected and probable deaths. The number of probable and suspected Ebola deaths in Jawei chiefdom alone, is in excess of the  insulting figures released by certain government officials as national totals.


The editor of this newspaper hails from Jawei Chiefdom and has first hand experience of how almost 200 deaths have affected his chiefdom people. One of our parliamentary interns hails from Kissi Teng and also has first hand experience of the high number of deaths in that Kissi area.


This is why this newspaper is much displeased with uttered threats of Alpha Kanu up at Parliament. 

Please let someone tell this minister to go and find better things to do than be always attacking  Awareness Times. We suggest he can use his time better in finding fuel for helicopters.

Please, let no deceitful official  cross this newspaper. 

Meanwhile, we have reproduced our piece on Page 5.  We now wait on Mr. Attorney General to say our Jawei Paramount Chief, mourning his late wife, has commited a crime!!

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