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Sierra Leone News: Chernoh Bah, his Expired Goods & Junks Container!
By Sylvia Blyden (culled from her Facebook wall)
Oct 13, 2014, 16:56

When His Excellency the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma phoned me up last Saturday to express his personal thanks for my efforts in this unholy container saga, I told him that “it was simply the right thing that any patriot would do”.

I told President Koroma that I set the records straight because no patriot should let Chernoh and Oswald get away with how they misled NEW YORK TIMES that Sierra Leone local politics is so toxic and intolerant that an opposition politician from the President’s Makeni hometown will not be allowed to clear a container of much needed goods to fight Ebola just so as allegedly “to prevent the opposition from trumpeting the donations”. No, that is not the Sierra Leone I belong to! Sierra Leone today, under Ernest Bai Koroma, enjoys very high political tolerance! You cannot take that away from this President.

Meanwhile, I can authoritatively state that so far, all the goods found inside the container correlate perfectly with the Packing List of Chernoh Bah. The sad news is that many of the listed items such as Ringers Lactate IV drip and other medical supplies like Hand Sanitisers, are all EXPIRED; some since as far back as April 2010. Many of the listed hospital items are discarded, rusty junk metals. The linens & 'protective' wearings are stained, secondhand ‘junks clothes’. Mattresses are broken (broko-broko), used & stained. Chairs and cabinets are broken, torn scraps.

Me fambul dem, na 419 oh!!! ;-)

A con-artist blackmailed the government so as to collect over six thousand dollars from Ebola money under guise of having a “$141,000” container worth of goods!

Meanwhile, the container’s Bill of Lading authenticated by DELMAS so as for KPMG to authorise payment of over 6,000 dollars to a foreign bank account given by Chernoh Bah as well as photo of the scene of the container being opened with its identifying TRLU4829722 and finally, a screenshot of tracking of the container from the time it left America to now is with this update. They all speak for themselves as to the fact that this is the container shipped to Health Ministry by Chernoh Bah. Anybody can track it by going to and enter in Container number of TRLU4829722.

On a different note, please take a look at the unique SEAL number on the Bill of Lading; there is another story coming concerning that Seal No of 0190230. This saga has many, many parts.

Please feel free to widely SHARE this update. Sierra Leone deserves nothing less. May God bless our beautiful, politically tolerant Sierra Leone, the land of the free!

The container as it was being prepared to be opened

Screenshot of Page showing Tracking of the said container on DELMAS website


See Below for Bill of Lading


Copy of Bill of Lading authenticated by DELMAS for Health Ministry to show KPMG
for Container # TRLU4829722 with SEAL # 0190230


The Bill of Lading for the said container


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