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Sierra Leone News: Pictures & Analysis of "$141,000" Chernoh Bah Container
Oct 15, 2014, 17:04

DELMAS Shipping Agency has confirmed that attempts were made by government since August 2014 to collect 40ft container sent by Chernoh Bah for Health Ministry but DELMAS laments that though the container arrived in August, DELMAS could not release it to Government before October as it was only on Friday October 3rd 2014 that DELMAS received clearance from Chernoh Bah’s partners to hand over the container to Health Ministry.

Meanwhile, though since September 2014, sum of over 6,000 dollars was wired by Sierra Leone Government to Foreign Bank account given by Chernoh Bah, yet Bah got New York Times on October 6th 2014 to publish an article wherein Bah & Oswald Hanciles presented government as having not yet sent the cash.

Chernor Bah failed to tell the international media that the earliest by which DELMAS could legally process papers for Government to take ownership of the container was October 3rd 2014.

So why did Chernoh Bah wait until AFTER the cash was sent by Government before he went to the international media to make a furore?

Could it be because Chernoh Bah fully well knew that the contents of the container were mostly worthless junk? For two months, since the container arrived and he was blackmailing Government for $6,500 whilst refusing to hand over original Bill of Lading, Chernoh never said anything to local or foreign media.

As soon as the dollars landed in the foreign bank account, Chernoh started making noise in foreign media portraying his country as a toxic place. Shabby politicking!

Meanwhile, the other question many are now asking is just why Chernoh Bah refused to work with the very credible organisation of Sierra Leoneans in America (NOSLINA) to air freight ambulances he claims to have secured for Sierra Leoneans?

Eager to assist her fellow citizens, Dr. Sylvia Blyden said she put Chernoh Bah in touch with NOSLINA in United States whom had just air freighted tons of goods to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Rather than work with NOSLINA to air freight the ambulances, Chernoh Bah outrightly wrote to tell Dr. Sylvia Blyden that if Government did not send $6,500 to the foreign bank account he gave them, he was not interested in discussing air freighting the ambulances he claimed to have gotten for us as a gift.

This is the man having the guts to say he is a patriot. Is that how a patriot behaves? No, that is how criminals behave!

Meanwhile, these are photos of scenes at the opening of his container. Look keenly and surely you will conclude Chernoh’s furore is all just a 419 scam with political overtones in the midst of our Ebola catastrophe!!

Opening the Container
Scene of Opened Container before anyone touched a thing in it. Bales of junks cloths can be seen amongst filthy, broken furniture & cartons. Used IV Drips Stands are also seen in the container
JUNKS BALE!! JUNKS Used Clothing inside the "$141,000 worth of goods" Container
Broken "Broko Broko" Chairs inside the "$141,000 worth of goods" Container

Bales of Used Hospital Linens (Junks Clothes) being offloaded from Chernoh Bah's "$141,000" Container
Junks! Junks! Come and see Junks being offloaded from the "$141,000 container".
Offloading a carton of “Medical Supplies” from MISSION RELIEF that was inside the "$141,000 worth of goods" Container
Inside Carton from Mission Relief was stack of EXPIRED DRUGS
Boxes of PROVON HANDWASH sent to Sierra Leone Expired since 03/2011 were inside the "$141,000 worth of goods" Container
These vials of Medical Supplies EXPIRED: 30th April 2014 was inside the "$141,000 worth of goods" Container
These Medical Supplies EXPIRED: 7th DEC 2012 were inside the "$141,000 worth of goods" Container
Medical Supplies EXPIRED: 7th April 2013 were inside the "$141,000 worth of goods" Container
Stacks of Sterile Irrigation Water: EXPIRED since April 2010 were inside the "$141,000 worth of goods" Container
Cartons of Hand Sanitisers: EXPIRED since December 2013 were inside the "$141,000 worth of goods" Container
Amongst load of JUNK inside "$141,000 worth of goods" Container was a broken wooden door!
Old, dirty, broken-spring mattresses with some having what looks like blood stains were inside the "$141,000 worth of goods" Container

A piece of many of the Broken Furniture making up the "$141,000 worth of goods" inside container
Rusty Equipment like this rusty broken table all made up the "$141,000 worth of goods" inside container
Torn, filthy chairs were all part of the "$141,000 worth of goods"
LABEL SAYS: DRAWER NOT WORKING DO NOT USE! This is the kind of cabinets inside the "$141,000 worth of goods" Container

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