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Exposing Unjustness of Insinuation by Oswald Ernest Hanciles
By Awareness Times
Oct 23, 2014, 17:14

Exposing the Liar in Oswald Ernest Hanciles

By Awareness Times

Please carefully note above scanned document showing date & time on which the controversial Chernoh Bah container was approved for release by the Shippers in America. October 2nd at 9:52PM. Meanwhile, after the container left the Ports for Medical Stores, it was revealed that its contents included soiled linens, rusty, broken furniture and expired medicines. The claim of Bah for $6,500 as quoted in New York Times  (see other article in this edition) was later shown to be criminal as real total was only $6183.53. When an incompetent government media person like Oswald Hanciles meets with criminally-minded person like Chernoh Bah,  result is what unfolded. Their biggest mistake was to insert name of Sylvia Blyden so as to give credibility to an insidious effort to undermine Government. They miscalculated and it boomeranged on them because Dr. Blyden does not hide behind her fingers when criticising. Most Interesting is the e-mail from Mr. Sho Cole of DELMAS Shipping Agency to Dr. Blyden. Compare it to Oswald’s claim of, “political tensions may have contributed to the delay, to prevent the opposition from trumpeting the donations”.


Good afternoon Sylvia.

Regarding the container in question, I confirm that DELMAS first had a contact from Ministry of Health requesting to take delivery of the container way back in August but our USA office told us that the Shipper instructed DELMAS not to release the container to the Government of Sierra Leone until they said so. That was in August.


Again in September, DELMAS was approached several times by Ministry of Health officials informing us that this container should have been telex-released by the Shipper and that they are ready to pick it up.


Each time, we contacted our USA office to confirm if such instructions has been passed on to them by the Shipper but our office reverted saying that they have not received such instructions from the Shipper and that when they received such, they will email us.


We only received email confirmation to release the container to the Ministry of Health without an Original Bill of Lading on morning of Friday 3rd October when we started work. It had been emailed from America at 9:52pm the night before. A copy is attached.


We formally informed the Health Ministry on Friday October 3rd 2014 that the Telex Release had come in but advised that they had to pay us additional charges now amounting to US$1,500.


The Health Ministry, then appealed to DELMAS for a waiver which we have now done; waiving off all charges yesterday Tuesday. Monday was a public holiday so no work was done. It's part of our corporate social responsibility to assist the government at times like. Infact, DELMAS has waived off over $10,000 in previous shipments for Ebola. We have to help the government in whatever way we can in this fight as patriots.


I will not join anyone to condemn the Health Ministry for the delay in clearing this container. Since August, the Health Ministry, several times did try to have us hand the container to them but DELMAS just could not release the container to them until the Shippers in America instructed us to do so. This instruction we only received in October.


I hope this short explanation clarifies things better. If I can help you in any other way, please let me know. I here give approval for you to publish this my email to you; both on Facebook and in your newspaper.

Your sincerely,

Sho Cole

DELMAS Sierra Leone.

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