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Between Umaru Fofana & His Buddy VP Sam-Sumana
By Dr. Sylvia O. Blyden (former SEA to the President)
Mar 18, 2015, 17:04

On a certain day in June 2013, I clearly recall sitting together with Vice-President Alhaji Sam-Sumana at State House as we both waited to see President Koroma in his office. Looking through the newspapers together, we saw an unbelievable headline in that dayís Opposition SLPP Unity Newspaper that President and Vice-President had physically attacked each other at State House.

Right there, VP Sam-Sumana and myself together phoned John Benjamin who was then Chairman & Leader of SLPP. We protested the lies published. SLPP paper had gone into great detail in describing the alleged fight in such a manner it will seem so believable to readers. I recall I was furiously blasting at Benjamin that they were trying to create impression to the world that VP Sam-Sumana and President were badly estranged. I recall John Benjamin apologising to the Vice-President over the phone and saying he was up in the Provinces but he would immediately investigate with the SLPP Newspaper Editor.


After that phone call, the Vice-President went in to see the President and they both held a closed door meeting - as usual it was just the two of them.


Later that very same day, President Ernest Koroma summoned Attorney-General Frank Kargbo and myself to a meeting inside his office. It was just the three of us. In the meeting, President Koroma expressed his deep unhappiness with the numerous media reports alleging he was maltreating his Vice-President.


President Koroma not only cited the SLPP article but specifically cited another article Umaru Fofana had written & published in Politico which had first alleged the President had ordered VP Sam-Sumana not to step foot in the Presidentís Office. It was a totally false article by Umaru Fofana as President Koroma had never done such but that Umaruís report started all the subsequent false reports.


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