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Sierra Leone Politics :Youth Empowerment Credentials are Intact as 27 Years Old Turns Deputy Editor of APC Paper
By Mohamed A. Kamara
Apr 7, 2015, 12:10

Gunther Adikali Bai Daramy aka ‘APC OSE PIKIN’
The All Peoples Congress (APC) under leadership of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma continues to score in empowering young people. This time the party has appointed 27 years old Gunther Adikali Bai Daramy as Deputy Editor of the party’s official mouthpiece, We Yone. Daramy is expected to bring youthfulness into the editorial perspective of We Yone.


Born 26th May 1988, Bai Daramy holds a top Distinction in Mass Communications alongside a First Class degree in Peace & Conflict Studies from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. Daramy however credits his actual prolific writing skills to be due to him haven passed through the forensic hands of experienced journalist Mr. Cornelius ‘BabaOgun’ Deveaux, the Editor-In-Chief of the APC party paper.


At APC party headquarters, Adikali Bai Daramy, is not only seen as young, intelligent and dynamic but is admired by many as a formidable protégé of Cornelius ‘BabaOgun’ Deveaux. Mr. Deveaux who also doubles as APC’s Deputy National Publicity Secretary I, is a battle tested political propagandist who has led the APC’s editorial mantra for almost ten years now and spanning two successive elections (2007-2012).


In a brief chat with this newspaper last week, Cornelius ‘BabaOgun’ Deveaux, explained that his duty as Chief of the mouthpiece of the APC and a Publicity Scribe is not just to defend, uphold and propagate the ideals of the Party, but also to groom younger brains, who will assume roles in the party in the future.


Mr. Deveaux, whose positive footprints in empowerment of young people in national politics, cannot be disputed, said the APC Party’s vision under Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is for young people to be at the fore of both public and private spheres of the society. This, he said, must be complemented within and without the APC.


He hence stated: “Daramy is my lad. I have watched him over the years grow up to be a formidable propagandist. I love his passion for our beloved Party. All he desires is to put the APC at the limelight. I have so much confidence in him”.


Mr. Deveaux concluded by encouraging his young but brilliant Deputy Editor to ensure his confidence reposed in him was never let down.


Also giving a brief view on Mr. Gunther Bai Daramy’s appointment was Hon. Robin Edward Samai Faley, the Deputy National Publicity II of the Party who is himself a formidable propagandist for the APC. Hon. Faley told Awareness Times that “Gunther is young but highly brilliant” and “he is one of the assets whom the party must look forward to”.


Hon. Robin Faley said Mr. Daramy was very passionate about the propagation of the Party, adding: “He always endeavours to follow me to as far as Eastern Region to cover up my activities for our APC Party”.


Haja Memuna Conteh, an APC stalwart who is Deputy Western Regional Treasurer as well as the very first woman ever to contest as a Running Mate in Republic of Sierra Leone also spoke to Awareness Times at the APC headquarters last week. She expressed high regard for Daramy whom she described as “a very well brought up young gentleman who only brings pride to our APC”. She heartily congratulated him on his new appointment.


Members of the Big Oba Side Ojeh of Port Loko District whom were at the party headquarters, told this newspaper that they are all very proud of Daramy who is one of their loyal Ojeh members.


Nicknamed as ‘APC OSE PIKIN’ because of his passion for APC Party, Daramy is contributor to several local papers as well as online news outlet: COCORIOKO NEWSPAPER.


The new Deputy Editor is a product of Albert Academy School.

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