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Sierra Leone Politics : Vice President Foh Preaches of APC Govít Initiatives
By Jonathan Kamara
Jun 8, 2015, 12:04

The Vice-President Honourable Victor Foh, has seized the occasion of him launching the second round of National Immunisation campaign for Sierra Leone children, to explain the governmentís ongoing Agenda for Prosperity (A4P) and other positive initiatives to a mammoth crowd of lactating mothers and other interested persons. Representing His Excellency the President at the occasion held last Friday 5th June 2015 at the Murray Town Community Heath Centre, in the West end of Freetown, VP Foh in a classical class room type style thrilled all with his simplified explanations. Using the caption ĎA4P made simpleí amidst resounding applause from the crowd, the VP said the A4P is not about physically putting money in peopleís pockets but is about creating enabling environment for citizens to prosper. VP Foh said government of His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma believes in investing in its citizens; especially children because they are our future. He reiterated that the most cost-effective way to invest in a childís future was through immunization.


This is why he explained that His Excellency the President ushered in the Free Health Care Initiative for lactating mothers, pregnant women and children under the age of five to ensure that every child from right inside the pregnant womb through to lactating and until the age of 5 years, is given the best opportunity possible to achieve his/her full health potential.


He said that with the EVD coming to an end, the government is poised to do more under the A4P and will indeed do more to cushion the adverse effect the EVD has had on the parents. To thunderous applauses, he recalled of how to cushion effect of EVD, the government has already kick started the process as a show of commitment with the waiving off of all school fees  and exams fees in all public schools.


He further informed parents of the governmentís plans to expand the school feeding program to benefit more and more children from poorer homes.


He also articulated governmentís plans to slash down the class sizes, a move that will set the pace for bidding farewell to the double shift system which is a cause for concern for the government. He said when this policy would have been fully implemented, there would be a more favorable pupil to teacher ratio, pupils would be assessed more regularly, and no doubt the standards of education would be improved.


From the high note on which the message from VP Foh was received by the audience, it was clear the recipients now well appreciate the several ongoing initiatives of the government.

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