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Sierra Leone Laws: Taking Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai out of his Ignorance of the Law
By Awareness Times
Jun 29, 2015, 12:19

Lecturing the Lawyer/Publisher

The Public Order Act, 1965

Being an Act to Consolidate and Amend the Law Relating to Public Order

[31st December, 1965.]

Section 36(5):
..“PUBLISHER means any printer, editor or PROPRIETOR of a newspaper and every agent or employee or other person acting on the instructions of any such editor or proprietor, or any person concerned with the management of a newspaper. -   PROPRIETOR” includes, as well as the sole proprietor of any newspaper, as also in case of a divided proprietorship, the persons who as partners or otherwise represent and are responsible for any share or interest in the newspaper as between themselves and the persons in like manner representing or responsible for the other shares or interests therein and no other person.                

[Emphasis ours]

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