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Sierra Leone Politics : APC Chief Whip Will Crack Down so that the Youths can Grow : Over-Aged Civil Servants Must Go..!!!!!
By Augustine Samba (Freelancer)
Jun 30, 2015, 17:04

The Chief Whip of the ruling All Peoples Congress in the House of Parliament of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Hon. Claude Kamanda who serves as Chairman of the Transparency and Accountability Committee in Parliament, has said in Freetown that he will write a letter of request to all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to give him the correct date of Births, places and tertiary institutions attended by all civil servants in the country.

The dynamic Parliamentarian made this strong pronouncement on Friday 26th June 2015 in an interview with this reporter.


“The line must move and the youths should gain employment,” he emphatically disclosed adding that many civil servants have become permanent in certain MDAs and this has resulted to unemployment among young granduants.


Hon. Claude Kamanda said patriotic Sierra Leoneans must be ready and willing to go on retirement at all times, but stated that some dishonest officials have decided to remain in jobs with dilapidated ages thus stagnating youths progress.


He went on “I need their date of births, places, tertiary institutions and years, time of recruitment as well as positions attained and salaries” he urged.


He said many young people are suffering today because of joblessness but the age queue in jobs should be transparent and must move as per law. He said nobody is above the law to permanently remain in offices as if it is his personal property.  


He vehemently said Parliament will work  with Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to crackdown on all those who have gained retirement but still working.


“As soon as we capture them, they must pay back to government, all salaries and benefits paid them whilst working past retirement age in office,” he asserted.


He said they have got information from certain MDAs that unscrupulous and corrupt civil servants are still working with manipulated and moribund ages, but they are going to chase them with a heavy hand soon. He reminded that President Koroma believes in the youths and nobody should kill their dreams with selfishness and greed.


Meanwhile, during yesterday in Parliamentary Committte Room 1, Parliamentary Accountability Committee (PAC) Hearing, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Chernor M. Bah who doubles as Chairman of that Committee said they should not allow government to be paying salaries to people who have attained the retirement ages.

Earlier the Deputy Auditor General of Audit Service Sierra Leone, Mr. Tamba Momoh said that in 2013, they discovered that some MDAs still retained people who had reached the retirement aged.

In his response an HRMO official, Mr. Mohamed F. Jalloh who appeared before the hearing said since May 2014 they have removed all the civil servants who have retained retirement ages.

However reliable source from the Honorable House of Parliament has disclosed to this reporter that many MDAs still have over aged civil servants and parliament is planning a robust action against the culprits.

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