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Sierra Leone News: 75% of Presidentís Appointments Last Night were Women!
By Awareness Times
Jul 3, 2015, 17:10

Ernest Bai Koroma, the Gender Champion, re-states his Credentials on date MPs finally ratified Maputo Protocol

Sierra Leoneís House of Parliament on Thursday 2nd July 2015 finally ratified the Year 2003 African Union protocol on Rights of Women in Africa. On that same date, President Koroma whose gender credentials; especially in his first term, used to be impeccable, firmly and easily re-stated his and the ruling APC partyís unchallengeable position as Sierra Leoneís biggest-ever champions of womenís rights and biggest-ever promoter of women in public office. This was done with a surprise announcement of key appointments of women yesterday July 2nd night.

It is a fact that in his eight years in office, in addition to political appointments of women, the President has initiated policies & Acts aimed at improving upon health, social and economic well-being of women.


Improving political empowerment of capable women has on July 2, 2015 seen seventy five percent (75%) of appointments announced from State House that day to be of great Sierra Leone women. They include:

Ambassador KADIJATU BASSIR (our envoy in Senegal) now appointed to be - Foreign Ministry Director-General & Ambassador-at-large.

Haja AFSATU KABBA appointed to be  - High Commissioner to Nigeria.

Hon. Haja Justice UMU HAWA TEJAN JALLOH (former Chief Justice) appointed to be - High Commissioner to Ghana.

DR. EBUN STRASSER-KING (Deputy Foreign Minister) appointed to be - Ambassador to Senegal.

DR. STANEALA BECKLEY (retired UNICEF international civil servant) appointed to be - Chairman, Sierra Leone Teaching Service Commission.

Engineer MEMUNA KUMBA JALLOH appointed to be - Deputy Director-General, Sierra Leone Roads Authority.

Also appointed were Lansana Dumbuya to chair Maritime Administration and Engineer Aziz Kamara as DG for SLRA. So this means 6 out of the 8 appointments (75%) announced were women.

This has further solidified the legacy of the President who appointed the first female Brigadier in the entire greater sub-region, the first female Chief Justice in the sub-basin and third ever in Africa; plus a host of other strategic empowerment of women.

President Koroma has ensured policies which serve healthy well-being of women; improve economic well-being of women in rural & urban areas; enacted Gender specific laws, Marriage Acts and numerous other Acts and Policies all aimed at Protection of Women and the Girl Child. They are positive legacies that will mark the presidency of Ernest Bai Koroma.


Meanwhile in this edition is our expansive coverage of what happened in Parliament on 2nd July 2015 during ratification of Maputo Protocol.

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