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Sierra Leone News : Brewery’s Filter Plant to improve Efficiency & Productivity
By Aruna Moseray
Jul 7, 2015, 17:04

The Sierra Leone Brewery limited (SLBL) on Friday July 3rd 2015, unveiled a state-of-the-art Marsh Filter plant worth 7.1 billion Leones. The unveiling ceremony took place at the Company’s Compound, Wellington Industrial Estate, in the Presence of Business partners, Representatives of the Sorghum Farmers’ Association and members of the fourth estate.


Despite the Ebola Viral Disease which has slowed the pace of operations and exacerbating to maximum lay-off in other companies, SLBL continues to operate without laying-off any of its workers and still continues to contribute to the Government’s effort in fight the scourge by providing medical equipment.


According to the Corporate Relation Officer, Aminata Carew, the company has unveiled several equipments whose output has contributed a lot in rebranding SLBL. She was optimistic that the Marsh Filter plant will contribute immensely to the development of the Farmers that are producing sorghum and the economic landscape of Sierra Leone.


Alphonso Willy Ngana addressing stakeholders at the unveiling ceremony


Speaking on behalf of SLBL, the Managing Director, Alphonso Willy Ngana, disclosed that the unveiling is part of the Company’s internal investment programme; with the Marsh Filter Plant, the company is optimist of improving efficiency of its products very soon.


He disclosed that they have partnered with sorghum farmers across the country to cultivate, harvest and supply the grains to the company for use in producing their various beverages. He added that the plant will ensure effective and efficient processing of sorghum and definitely the utilization of more sorghum in the brewing process which requires more sorghum supply from the farmers.


The M D informed that the company has within the last three years invested a total of Le80b (Eight billion Leones): Le18b (Eighteen billion Leones) in 2013, Le27.6b (Twenty-seven billion, Six hundred million Leones) in 2014. Despite the Ebola outbreak, the company intends to invest Le 35b (thirty-five billion Leones) which according to him is a clear manifestation to show that Brewery is here to stay and continue to invest.


Mr.Dennis Jusu, a representative of the Sorghum Farmers’ Association stated that the Sorghum farming was initiated when a Researcher, Dr Joseph Malcolm encouraged rural dwellers to engage it.


“As time went by,” said Mr. Jusu, “thousands of Sierra Leoneans found sorghum farming lucrative and got indulged into it. The yields these farmers sell to the brewery has brought them enormous economic benefit and it serves as a means of employment.”


According to Mr. Jusu since 2008, they have been hearing a lot about the Marsh filter plant which will required them to produce more sorghum that will increase their earning and they are happy that it’s a dream come true.


Mr. Jusu expressed his gratitude to SLBL for preferring to use the home grown sorghum at such it has always been a source of employment for local farmers.


Unveiling the marsh filter plant, the former Managing Director, Mr. Ivan D.A Carol, who has been a the main man behind the Marsh Filter plant Project at the initial stage stated that unveiling the products makes him happy as the company continues to maintain its status as the leader in the brewing industry in Sierra Leone.

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