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Sylvia Blyden Updates Facebook from Brussels Airport
By Awareness Times
Jul 8, 2015, 17:08

Good day all Citizens & Friends of Sierra Leone. I flew out of Freetown on night of July 5th, heading eventually for New York; specially invited from Awareness Times by His Excellency the President to cover the upcoming Ebola Recovery Conference hosted by United Nations.


Currently, I am seated at Brussels Airport with Finance Minister Dr. Kaifala Marah & Education Minister Dr. Minkailu Bah reading documents on President Koromaís stunning decision to pay all school and all exams fees for all Sierra Leone children attending government schools for the next two years. The move, which has so far benefitted 1,041,000 pupils, is 100% funded by the Sierra Leone government and costs millions of dollars.


Dr. Blyden cites this photo as evidence of Political Tolerance


This is one of numerous poverty-alleviation interventions by President Koroma to cushion the effect of the Ebola crisis on his citizens. It also reinforces the Presidentís legacy as prioritizing EDUCATION. Just the school fees alone that the Koroma Government will pay for pupils around the country, totals $14.2 million dollars - all totally funded by locally raised revenue. Not a single penny from our donor partners.


Meanwhile POLITICAL TOLERANCE, a hallmark of the Ernest Koroma legacies was on display yesterday afternoon as Former Vice President Solomon Berewa of Opposition SLPP, joined President Koroma to honour invitation of current Vice President Foh to grace formal re-opening of the VPís Lodge along Spur Road. The photo accompanying this update, speaks for itself.

Even if you do not like anyone in this photo, if you are a true Patriot, you will love what the photo is depicting. Sometimes it does feel so good to be a proud Sierra Leonean. Long Live Sierra Leone! I love my country.

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