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Mountains Of Lies Vs. The Truth: And The Winner Is…PRESIDENT ERNEST BAI KOROMA
Jul 13, 2015, 12:08

New York, July 12th 2015: When I went to the president’s hotel suite to say goodbye to President Ernest Koroma before his departure from New York, I had never seen a man happier than the President before. The smile on the President’s face spoke millions. The smile was indescribable. It was not only the kind of smile that you could describe as ear-to-ear. It was a smile that told it all. The strife is over; the battle is won. It was a smile of victory.

Even the Devil knows that a brutal and beastly war has just been fought and won. The enemies of progress representing the cantankerous Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), disguised as the Concerned Sierra Leoneans, hijacked the Sam Sumana issue and pushed further a diabolical agenda to destroy the international respect, credibility and goodwill being enjoyed by President Ernest Bai Koroma. Not only that; they also want international organizations, goodwill nations and our traditional development partners to cut off aid and loans, even as we battle Ebola—A very dangerous agenda carefully crafted to strangulate the economy, incite public ire and cause an explosion of chaos that will engulf the whole country and lead to a change of government that they believe will bring the SLPP back to power. This is the reason for all the failed demonstrations, mountains of lies and posturing to the international Community.


The SLPP are very desperate to return to power and they know that they will never do this through democratic elections, so they are heavily financing the CSL to do the dirty work for them.


The agenda and methods of the SLPP/CSL has riled lots of Sierra Leoneans and their feelings are encapsulated in this complaint made by Rahman Rahman at Facebook: “Being consistently disrespectful to the head of state and making false allegations to discredit him internationally have never been part of the culture of Sierra Leone. I don’t know where Sierra Leonean Diasporeans got that culture. I think there’s much better ways to get your messages across than persistently insulting, abusing, cursing, and sometimes labelling the head of state wrongly. Let’s twist the coin and see the other side. There are always three sides to a story. Show some respect to our leaders, Sierra Leoneans Diasporas….”


The lies are not only directed at President Koroma and government officials. Anybody whom they believe is supporting President Koroma and the APC is subjected to all manners of heinous lies, distortions, concoctions and propaganda in the social media.


But now, it would be expedient to ask the SLPP/CSL where all these mountains of lies and fabricated stories have led them. What have they accomplished from all the months of campaigns of lies and crooked propaganda against President Koroma and government? Have they achieved their goals? Have they succeeded in turning the international community against President Koroma and the Government?


Never mind their wicked lies that Sidique Wai and Ahmed Kargbo of the African National Congress were invited under the auspices of the CSL. If the just-concluded International Post-Ebola Recovery Conference is anything to go by, everybody can say that the SLPP/CSL have failed miserably again. The magnificent outcome of the conference which saw millions of dollars pledged to the nation by international development partners and the international community clearly indicate that the SLPP/CSL failed so spectacularly that if they have any sense of shame they will zip up their mouths and spare Sierra Leoneans their odious propaganda.


TRUTH, it is said, ALWAYS TRIUMPHS OVER FALSEHOOD. The International Community did not listen to any of the mountains of lies from the SLPP/CSL. They did not believe a word of the lies these enemies of progress have been peddling. If they did, nobody would have pledged even a cent to the country’s post-Ebola recovery plan. But millions of dollars are going to come to Sierra Leone. Additionally, the international community did not only pledge millions of dollars to Sierra Leone. In their statements, many of their representatives commended President Koroma for his good leadership, transparency and accountability. This signifies a momentous victory for President Koroma and his public relations team.


President Koroma won the victory and even the PR war. May God continue to bless our nation and save the State.

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