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Sierra Leone News : Foundation of Islamic Formation Holds 2nd National Quranic Memorization Competition in Freetown
By Awareness Times
Jul 16, 2015, 17:08

The second National Quranic Memorization Competition on Sunday 12th¬†July 2015 ended at the Miatta Conference Center in Freetown. The event which attracted several Quranic scholars including diplomats, members of the business community, ministers, Honorable Members of Parliament and other distinguished personalities was held on the theme: ďThe Role of the Quran In eradicating EbolaĒ.


The ceremony was organized by the Foundation of Islamic Formation (FOISIL) with support from Focus 1000, BSB International, Diamond Plus Limited, United Council of Imams, Peopleís Pharmacy, Wellington Muslims Association, Free African Foundation, Halima Internal Trading Sierra Leone Limited and personal contributions made by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon Chernor M. Bah and Dr. Kelfala Marah amongst others.¬†


Chief Judge and consultant Shiek Faruq A. Bah explaining the rules of the competition


In his opening statement, Director of FOISIL, Abdul Lathief Kargbo said the purpose of the Quranic Recitation Competition is geared towards motivating and identifying young talents from among the Islamic communities in Sierra Leone. The event he noted was in line with fight against the deadly Ebola.


ďWe are contributing immensely towards the eradication of¬† Ebola. We distributed food items, clothing, medical items, scholarships to orphans, Ebola victims and residents of deprived communities in Port Loko, Freetown and other parts of the countryĒ he disclosed.


Hon. Chernor Bah, Deputy Speaker given the keynote address and declaring the Quríanic memorazation competition 1436AH/ 2015 opened


He further informed that the audience that the Islamic Practices cannot exist without discipline adding that parents should always ensure that their off springs grow through Islamic doctrine.  


The director also lauded the effort of Ambassador Siray Timbo who pioneered the initiative and commencement of successfully of the first competition in 2014 and this year. He therefore encouraged other people to give support to future competitions. He also commended the program manager who also doubles as the president of the Sierra Leone Nationals Union in Dubai and the Freetown based project manager Deamad Ahmad Conteh for their relentless effort in promoting Islam in the country.    

Idrissa Kanu participating in the 10th part thrilling the audience


Further he informed that prior to the national competition FOISIL conducted a knockout on Sunday 5th July at regional level to get the national competitors.


ďWe went held regional competition in Kenema, Bo, Makeni and also in FreetownĒ he disclosed. He announced the Islamic Promotional award 1436AH/2015 which goes to the Islamic Action Group (ISLAG) for their contribution towards the fight against Ebola. When he was receiving the award the CEO Alhaji M.B Jalloh commended FOISIL for recognizing their role and urged all present that Ebola is still around and they should caution in what they are doing.


In his Statement, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament expressed happiness for being part of the event. He said this is the Holy Month of Ramada is the best moment a Muslim can listen to the Holy Quran. The Islamic Scholar and politician said such a healthy competition is in line with the development of Sierra Leone and parliament will always support group that has initiative or activities that are geared toward academic improvement.

FOISIL Project Manager presenting the Islamic promotional award to Deputy Speaker for presentation to Focus 1000


The Deputy Speaker noted that, even though the pioneer Ambassador Siray Timbo was not present but he graced the occasion to give a continuous support.


In his contribution, Dr. Ramadan Jalloh who serves as Coordinator of the Islamic Action Group said the Quran is very medicinal and if apply accordingly it will cure. According to the Islamic Scholar, when the Ebola outbreak started it was very simple for all Muslims to follow the Quran to prevent themselves from the heinous disease. He said to people who are well faith with the Quran Ebola was not a strange thing but a disease that can be prevented.

CEO Focus 1000 receiving the Islamic Promotional Award


ďIt was very simple to tell the Muslim to follow the medical practices to prevent Ebola because all the prevention requirements are part of the Islamic doctrineĒ he informed.

In a very elated mood, Dr. Ramadan Jalloh asked the audience to raise their Qurans and said if people apply effort to respect the Holy Book, God will surely not neglect them but always showered blessing and prosperity upon them.  

CEO Focus 1000 Alhaji M B Jalloh receiving the Islamic promotional award 1436AH/ 2015.


In his contribution, Sheik Faruq Adam Bah who doubled as the chief judge and Consultant for the National Quranic Competition said the Quran has so many blessings if the people make effort to listen to the recitation.


ďIf you give Honor to the Quran, God will bless you because it is a direct speech from AllahĒ he advised.


The consultant told the competitors and audience that, they were going to judge the participants on the level of memorization by the parts or segments. According to him, they also look at the participantís ability to giving the right alphabet in the Quran in terms of pronunciation and the harmony that is in each that exists between each every word of the Quran.


Abdul Lathief Kargbo Director FOISIL giving the overview of FOISIL


There were (12) participants at the national competition. The competitors locked horns for the first segment/10 parts of the Quran Memorization and Recitation. For part 10 Mohamed Salieu Jalloh of Southern Province, Idrissa Kanu from Western Area and others fought for the prize. Mohamed Salieu Jalloh came first with 93% whilst Idriss came second scoring 91% followed by Hamza Ibrahim with 90 points and Issac Barrie 80%. 

The next competitors battled for Part 15 and participants include Abu Bakarr Jalloh from West, Umu Salmata Bah  representing South, Mohamed Jabie of East as well as Mohamed Salieu Kamara for North. Jalloh went away with 99%, Bah scored 98%, Jabbie grabbed 96%, and Jalloh took the winning.

Cross section of the audience


At last Abdullah Sulaiman Bah of West, Abu Bakar Barrie of Eastern Province, Alpha Umaru Bah of South and Mohamed Mansaray of North vigorously locked horns for Part 30 of the Memorization recitation. At the end Abdullah Sulaiman Bah 94%, Barrie emerged with 90%, Umaru Bah went away with 89%, Mansaray 85% and the Winner of the National competition was Abdullah Sulaiman Bah.


Prizes were distributed as follow: Winner of the National Competition  Abdullah Sulaiman Bah received Three Million Leones cash with peace mobile worth 650,000,Abu Bakarr Bah second took away Two million Leones, whilst third was given Umaru Bah One million five hundred thousand Leones, Mansaray fourth One million Leones. 

Winner Abdullah Suliaman Bah


For Part 15 Bockarie with 99% received 500,000 with peace mobile, Umu Salm ata Bah 500,000, Jabie 450,000.


Participants who battled for Part 10 were give prizes as follows: Jalloh 350,000.00, Kanu 300,000.00, Conteh 250,000.00 and Barrie 200,000.00.

The distribution of the 1000 Qurans climaxed the ceremony.

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